The Benefits of MSM - A Complete Guide

The Benefits of MSM –

A Complete Guide To The Power of MSM.

The following is provided as an informative article on the perceived benefits and insights on MSM. Information presented on this site is of a general nature used for educational and information purposes only. 

Statements or opinions about products and health conditions have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration (The FDA).  Products and information stated herein are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition.  

So you’ve discovered MSM, and are beginning to realize what it can offer as a supplement. Many thousands of Americans are waking up to amazing benefits of MSM / Organic Sulfur.

The health benefits of MSM have been studied on:

  • Arthritis, chronic body pain, and inflammation.
  • Detoxification and chelation.
  • Fatigue and lack of energy.
  • Appearance issues for hair, skin and nails. Click here to read more about MSM for hair.
  • Nutrient absorbtion.
  • So much more…

The reason MSM provides so many benefits is that it provides a huge amount of bio-active Sulfur to the body. That’s why we use the terms “MSM” and “Organic Sulfur” interchangeably.  MSM is actually an organo-suflur compound and is found in every living cell plant and animal.

Organic Sulfur is not to be confused with “Sulfa” which is used in medicine, and is not chemically the same as MSM. Access to Organic Sulfur/MSM is critical for every cell in your body. It’s the one of the most abundant minerals in the body , and Organic Sulfur is responsible for over 100 different compounds and/r functions in your body. Today, there are only 2 ways to get access to MSM (Organic Sulfur):

1. Food

2. Supplementation.

The issue with getting adequate sulfur from food is that research suggested there simply isn’t enough Sulfur/MSM in our food anymore to adequately supply the body.

Less than 100 years ago it wasn’t this way. Farmers grew crops in a fairly similar method to what has been done for thousands of years.

However with the increase in demand from our growing population, came the need for faster, more effective ways to grow crops and ensure crop yields.

The net result was the governments of many western countries mandating the use of chemical fertilizers, and mass commercial farming techniques. For the US this happened in 1954, and it made food cheaper and more abundant.

At the same time this move critically damaged our soil’s ability to infuse our food with adequate micro nutrients and crucial trace minerals like sulfur, magnesium, selenium and phosphorous.

Any remaining nutrients and minerals like sulfur are then typically lost through food preparation and cooking. This for all of us is very bad news, because we can only get these from food or supplements.

Lack of Sulfur and MSM due to Farming

Many people simply don’t realize that when the soil is damaged, so goes the ability of soil to ‘pass’ these key nutrients and trace minerals into our food.

Minerals from soil include MSM

So even though our food tastes the same, it’s simply not the same. In the end we live good lives or chronically sick lives, based just on the quality of our soil!

Organic Sulfur and Soil depletion past and present

Have a look at this graph, developed with information from studies conducted by the USDA that shows all too clearly the epidemic issue we have in the US and Canada today.

MSM And Sulfur Benefits and Decrease in Soil

Over the past 70 years we’ve seen a huge spike in disease and autoimmune conditions, and a good part of it may correlate to a loss of access to these crucial trace minerals and micro-nutrients.

Minerals Go Down Pain Goes Up

MSM Supplementation – What to Know.

Bike riding

For those of you debating on using MSM as a supplement, it’s typically used by people with / for:

  • Poor blood circulation.
  • Arthritis, inflammation and chronic body pain.
  • Autoimmune conditions Fibromyalgia, or Lupus.
  • Fatigue and lack of energy.
  • High body toxicity.
  • General wellness issues
  • Supporting absorption and utilization of important vitamins like C, B, D, E, Magnesium and Selenium in the body.

Please note, that the above statements are for informational purposes only, and tend to define the typical users for MSM. These statements should not be considered advocacy for use of this or any supplement or medication as a treatment or for the mitigation of any disease or medical condition. Always discuss with a medical professional before starting any supplement regime.

MSM’s relationship with Pain and Inflammation:

Via its current body of research, it is believed that MSM helps the body with pain and inflammation in a few ways.

First, researchers that have studied MSM, believe that it actively works to help rebuild muscle, joint and cartilage.

This is simplified view of how it is believed that MSM works to help the body rebuild muscle, joint and cartilage Cells.


Next, MSM, is shown to work help reduce inflammation in the body through fluid stabilization at the cellular level.  INFLAMMATION, is now seen as the true “ground zero” for pain in the body.

Most people in pain don’t realize that inflammation is behind most of the pain they feel. Inflammation actually starts in your cells, and cellular swelling leads to the muscle, joint pain, swelling and inflammation that you feel every day.

As described in the book The Miracle of MSM, it is believed that when the body is low in MSM, that cell membranes (the porous walls that surround cells and allow liquids and compounds to travel in and out of cells) become harder.

This can create a major issue, as cells cannot easily remove cell waste, toxins and heavy metals. This also reduces the cells ability to take in nutrients and oxygen. The net result is cellular swelling, and when millions of cells exhibit this condition you get inflammation, which is then felt as pain.

These cells can then also become more toxic without MSM as they cannot take in very much oxygen or nutrients.

The following below is a simplified visualization of the theory or MSM (Organic Sulfur) on the Cell.

MSM and Cell Benefits

MSM seems to effectively ‘soften’ cell membranes throughout the body – allowing them in theory to  be able to more easily remove toxins, waste, excess fluids and heavy metals.

As a result the theory suggests that cells stop swelling and shrink to more normal sizes. This action is believed to be why MSM could work to help reduce pain and inflammation, and in a manner safer then current opiod and NSAID pain medications.

The reason more and more people are now turning to  MSM supplements is that it could help address the theoretical  root cause for pain and inflammation, unlike pain killers which simply ‘shut off’ the nerves with some poor side-effects to boot.

“MSM (Organic Sulfur) is often so effective for pain relief that many doctors are able to lower the dosage of medication they prescribe for patients. Sometimes they are even able to discontinue the medication.”

Source: Doctor Stanley Jacob MD.

Other Uses For MSM (Organic Sulfur)

1. Again MSM is theorized to allow cells to better remove wastes, toxic compounds and lactic acids from the body. Which is a reason that it has been researched for its chelation properties.

The following is a simplified visualization of how MSM is purported to work to help cells achieve a better state of balance.

Cell Walls

2. MSM is an organo-sulfur compound that is a key component to a variety of key amino acids, enzymes, proteins and antioxidants  in the body that supports detoxification, anti-oxidation, cellular regeneration, and optimal body function.

Sulfur has a significant, and unique importance in the body. Sulfur compounds play vital roles in many of your body’s key functions and systems, through the creation of these more complex compounds.

What’s an amino acid? Once we digest protein and digest it, we break down that protein into smaller blocks called ‘Amino Acids’. We need active sulfur to break down the proteins in the smaller much more specialized amino acids.

These new amino blocks are used by the body for very specific actions in the body. They also make up much of all of the solid materials in our body, everything from organs, the heart, muscles, skin, hair and joints.

Here is a list of some of the key amino acids that are dependent on sulfur:

MSM helps Amino Acid Creation 3

Taurine: This very powerful antioxidant / amino acid supports the body’s detox abilities. Taurine helps the body neutralize toxins and poisons in the liver. Taurine also shuts down free radicals in the body and protects essential fatty acids from oxidation. Taurine also has an important role in the development and maintenance of the brain and the eyes.

Methionine: Another crucial amino acid that allows the body to process fat. Methionine also helps the liver function and process toxins. Methionine is needed for making creatine which controls our muscular health and performance, including the heart and circulation. Methionine is also used for all connective tissues including cartilage, skin and nails.

Methionine has also shown to helps reduce histamines in the body which are responsible for allergies and inflammation. People that have arthritis and other pain conditions like Fibromyalgia tend to benefits from excess methionine in the body.

Cysteine or the bioactive format – N-acetyl Cysteine (NAC) is also dependent on available sulfur bonds. NAC regulates oxidation related to inflammation and stress. NAC helps to protect the body against seasonal colds and flus.

NAC also can reduce the frequency and duration of COPD attacks. It also has shown statistically significant results to help the obese with blood sugar management. NAC has also shown to be effective against H-Pylori (aka Helicobacter) in the stomach. H-Pylori effects up to 3/4 of the population, and few realize that it may be behind many of our ulcers and gastric issues.

L-Carnitine: Another important sulfur based amino acid, L-carnitine is used for fat management, as it can help the body turn fat and carbs into energy that cells use not store. Many weightlifters use L-Carnitine for building muscle mass.

More recently L-Carnitine has been used for heart related conditions including reduction of Angina Symptoms. It has also been suggested that providing L-Carnitine taken after a heart attack may play a role in reduction of  future heart attacks.  Finally People suffering from Type II diabetes have been studied in relation to L-Carnitine usage to determine its effect on glucose oxidation, and converting glucose to energy versus storing it as fat.

MSM For Skin, Nails, and Hair.

MSM for hair skin and nails

MSM, especially in its organic sulfur form can be an excellent support for skin and hair. For 3000 years, beginning in Ancient Egypt, sulfur was known as the ‘beauty mineral’ renowned for its ability to help skin complexion as sulfur is a key component of collagen.

MSM has also been studied for its effects on hair thickness due to its relation to Keratin, another protein that required sulfur. This is the same for nails.

Again the reason that MSM may be so great for skin and hair, is simply due to its high sulfur content, and the fact that sulfur is a key building block for collagen as well as keratin – the base compound of hair. That’s why hair smells so bad when it burns, it’s the sulfur content in your hair.

Some people on YouTube can actually be seen in videos adding MSM to creams and / or shampoo’s for skin and hair.

MSM Supplementation Tips:

Again MSM is extremely safe supplement for daily general use. As suggested by the FDA, it is always good to discuss new supplements with your health practitioner before beginning any new supplement regime.

When the body as too much MSM, the body simply excretes (via urine), any excess MSM.

MSM Supplementation Is Something You Should Really Consider – But Quality absolutely Counts!

Today you can get MSM in supplement forms in 3 main ways

1. Pills / Capsules

2. Powders

3. Crystals

If you really want ‘High Quality  MSM’ that offers the best value for your money, and are additive-free, crystals are really the only way to go.

Organic Sulfur Crystals are 99% pure MSM with no fillers, or binding agents. Many pills can use stearates, and many powders can have anti-clumping agents.

This isbasically stuff that you don’t want in your system As well crystals can provide anywhere between 500 – 2000% the amount of MSM versus pills or powders by dosage or suggested serving..
MSM Pills Versus Crystals

If you want to see more about our Organic Sulfur Crystals, and the benefits of our premium msm, including pricing, special offers and customer reviews you can click below.

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To your wellness!

Further Resources:

Disclaimer: Information presented on this site is of a general nature used for educational and information purposes only.  Statements or opinions about products and health conditions have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration (The FDA).  Products and information stated herein are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition.  If you have any concerns about your own health or are wanting to use a new mineral supplement, vitamin or herbal supplement, you should always consult with a physician or other healthcare professional first. This is the same for your pet, always first consult with your veterinarian before using any new pet supplement or vitamin first.

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