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About Us:

A Quick Story of What We Do…

We know the power of organic sulfur well. All our team uses it daily, as do our friends and family. It truly makes a body “happy”. So we want to share that power with you, and have worked hard to be able to offer you a high-efficiency, therapeutic-grade Organic Sulfur in fine, pure crystal format. Our Sulfur Crystals are 99.9% pure MSM, with .1% (or less) being remnants DMSO, which is the base for  MSM.

Organic Sulfur is very safe to use for everyone, including dogs and cats.

Our Sulfur:

Each batch we sell is made in a FDA registered facility, and is tested a minimum of 2 times, and one of those is via a 3-Party (non-biased) testing lab, where we test for ultimate purity and quality.

The net result is a great dietary supplement that works very well for pain and inflammation, as well as so many other things. You can read more about our Organic Sulfur here. 

We also want to provide lots of information so you can understand what you are buying and why you need Sulfur/MSM for better health and well-being.

If you have an issue with the product just call or email and we are here to help you and we guarantee our product for satisfaction 100%.

Warehouses and Shipping.

We ship out of 2 locations:

Los Angeles for all USA Orders.

Toronto (GTA) for all Canadian Orders.

We usually ship very fast, usually 4- 5 business days (Note: we do not ship on weekends).

We ship by in the USA by USPS, UPS, and FedEx.

In Canada: Canada Post and Purlator for Canadian Shipments.

If you are outside North America and wish to order, please contact us with your address. Please note, All shipping costs, customs clearance and duties are the responsibility of the client, and we only accept orders with 5 pounds or more, due to the added administration. 

Refunds Made Simple:

We rarely get refund requests, but if you ever need a refund, please contact us first at the number or email below.

We are here to help you if you have any questions:

Call Us At: 1.800.610.9210 or

Email Us At: suppport@happybodystore.com

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