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Started over 10 years ago, Happy Body is one of North America’s leading brands of ultra, high-quality, premium Organic Sulfur and specialty MSM products.

It’s All About The MSM

Happy Body is solely focused on MSM-based supplements and creams.

It’s all we do!


Because MSM is an amazing mineral supplement that provides a massive range of benefits for health, wellness and appearance.

More specifically, MSM itself is an organo-sulfur compound, and contains 34% pure bioactive Sulfur by weight, making it the ideal source for Organic Sulfur.

Remember this: When you break it down, the body is made from 2 things:

1. Water 

2. Essential/Trace Minerals…

The rest is just noise!

Most people would be amazed at how much better they would look and feel, simply by drinking enough water, and getting enough essential minerals. Especially the critical ones like Sulfur and Magnesium. 

In fact, bioactive Sulfur is the 3rd most abundant mineral in the body after calcium and phosphorous.

Source: Nimni ME, Han B, Cordoba F. Are we getting enough sulfur in our diet? Nutrition & Metabolism. 2007;4:24. doi:10.1186/1743-7075-4-24.

This fact should tell you how important Sulfur for health, wellness, pain management & even the appearance of hair, skin and nails.

Sulfur is also an essential mineral, meaning you can only get it from food or supplementation.

Sadly, food grown today has been shown to be much lower in bioactive Sulfur then in the past.

This is most likely due to our current commercial farming methods.

Thus, the best way to get access to Sulfur is by supplementing with pure, additive-free MSM.

Only MSM that’s pure and 100% additive-free can be referred to as “Organic Sulfur”.

Most MSM sold today in stores and online is much lower dose and can be filled with many additives that reduce absorption.

Happy Body is committed to providing you with independently certified,  pure, 100% additive-free MSM products that can help you achieve a much greater quality of life.

Focused On Quality

Happy Body is also heavily focused on quality, as such our MSM is always 3rd party, independently tested for:

  • MSM Quality
  • MSM Purity
  • Heavy Metals
  • Volatile Organic Compounds

Our products were originally designed only for health and wellness professionals, but due to surging demand, and the growing understanding of the immense benefits that bioactive Sulfur provides, we’ve made our products available to everyone since 2014.

  • Today we have proudly server over 200,000+ customers in North America and growing.
  • We have also become one of the World’s leading brands of pure, additive-free MSM/Organic Sulfur.

If you have questions you can always contact us and we will be happy to help you. Our support hours are 9:00 -4:30 EST (New York Time) Monday to Friday.

Fast Shipping To Your Door

We ship out of 2 locations today:

  • Fontana, California for all US Orders.
  • Toronto, Ontario for all Canadian Orders.

We ship fast, usually 2 – 4 business days (Note: we do not ship on weekends).

In the USA: We ship expedited priority using USPS or UPS .

In Canada: We ship with Canada Post or with Purolator Courier.

International Orders

(Outside North America):

If you’re outside North America and wish to order, please email us first with:

  • The product(s) you wish to order.
  • Your full mailing address.

We will then email you a quote with total shipping costs and a purchase link where you can complete your order.

Note: to ship internationally we require a minimum order of 6 units.

Thank you so much for visiting our site, and we wish you nothing but optimal wellness!

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