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by Renee Fox on Organic Sulfur Crystals
Give it time.. it works.

3 weeks in and now seeing a great deal of change in my hip and knee pain. First 2 weeks saw no real changes, so I guess what they say is true.... Give it some time. 3 weeks is no that long and the change is quite dramatic. Im a believer. My hair also feels amazing and thicker, and nails are much stronger and growing like crazy. Love it!

by Renee Fox on Organic Sulfur Crystals

Prior to starting MSM crystals I would have said that I was in good health, but my body told me otherwise as I detoxed. Well, I am sixty -- so there are a few miles on the ol' bod. In a few days it will be two months and I do believe there is light at the end of the tunnel. This process has not deterred me in the least, only hardened my resolve to keep going. Already my hair has stopped shedding and nails are longer and stronger. I have also noticed, once past the jittery high of taking MSM for the first few times and the body settled down, that my energy level is a smooth steady flow. I take the second dose of one teaspoon at two o'clock. Looking forward to better health day by day. Oh, and let's not forget my 14 year old cat. I give her an eighth of a teaspoon every few days --- what a difference in her energy levels, and she has stopped that crazy mindless scratching -- I think she had dry skin. Awesome stuff.

helping chronic pain

Working well so far, feeling much better, leg is much less painful. Taking in morning with Vitamin C. Thank you.

Sulfur Crystals

I've been taking the sulfur Crystals for a few weeks now, I noticed that it does help with inflammation and my allergies as well. I have RA and keeping down inflammation is a big key in controlling the pain. I also noticed that my stomach seems to feel better as well. I'm going to keep taking it as a daily supplement. Thanks Happy Body!!

by Spenser Pacio on Organic Sulfur Crystals
wait & see

My order arrived very quickly, well packaged. Company sends good info on how to use. Product tastes bitter, which I dont like but taste does go away very fast. Stated only a week ago, and already seeing some changes in my energy levels for the better, still too early to tell on the whole, but only been a week. Will update soon.

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