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by Judy Osborne on Organic Sulfur Crystals
Great !

Thank you, Happy Body Store for the MSM Crystals it has really help me strengthen my back and neck muscles. I'm ordering more because I can't run out of the MSM Crystals. I'm up to two teaspoons twice a day now and working with my Physical Therapies (PT) to keep improving. Thanks again ! Judy NC

Truly Amazed.

I have been truly amazed at how much better my knees feel now that I have been taking the organic sulfur. I feel it will get even better in a few weeks. I have been taking it for about 3 weeks but sometimes I forget the second dose until it is too late to take at night but I can really tell by my pain that I missed a dose during the night. I have used different supplements that were suppose to help with my knees but never saw any results until now.  I have recommended this to several people already. It is bitter tasting but that taste is gone as soon as you get it down. Their video on taking it is very helpful.

by Jacqueline Tyler on Organic Sulfur Crystals
It really works!!

Been taking the sulfur chrystals about 3 weeks and a significant reduction in pain. I used pain patches on the right side of my bodyAnd I dont need them anymore. Now I have my husband on the sulfur for his back pain.


I have been taking for 4 weeks and my pain has gone from a 10 down to a 2.

by Judy Mueller on Organic Sulfur Crystals

I have been using it for about 6 weeks. And I can tell you honestly that it does help! I have fibromyalgia , arthritis, and Neuropathy. The only thing I have not noticed any improvement in is the Neuropathy. So not sure if it will help with that after a few more weeks of taking MSM that it might help with that also. BUT EVEN IF IT IS JUST KEEPS HELPING WITH THE OTHER I WILL SING PRAISES ABOUT IT. Holding off on 5 stars to see if it helps with the neuropathy.

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