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by Mee-len Dickie on Organic Sulfur Crystals

I'm finally growing hair longer without it falling off! No more hair on my pillows in the morning, this product is amazing. I definitely had problem and it's being solved, my hair is, for the first time growing pass my shoulder lenght without it being super thin.  My husband is showing even more result on his bald spot OMG!!!! I wish I had before and after picture for everyone to see! Within 3 months of using this product, you can barely tell he was balding at all. It's a miracle for both of us.

One Happy Dog and Owner

Not only have I had outstanding results managing my severe RA with your MSM crystals, my 11 year old dog has been less than sure footed and slowing down a bit in recent months. He has definitely shown signs of his former, active, happy self after a few weeks of using the liquid sulfur in his water every day. I was afraid he would reject it as he has always been fussy about things in his food or water (like medications), but he drank it right up! So from both of us, THANK YOU for this miracle stuff called MSM. We both enjoy a better quality of life because of it.

by Darryl R. on Organic Sulfur Crystals
Excellent Customer Service!

I am an athlete. After about a month, I am "sold"; I have experienced a definite improvement in my performance with the Organic Sulfur Crystals. The Happy Body Store is very responsive to inquires and provides "excellent" customer service.

by Ann Tromba on Organic Sulfur Crystals
Finally, a real solution

I have been using the Organic Sulfur crystals as directed for about 3 wks. and have noticed a definite difference in my skin and nails - especially my feet, which used to be hard, dry and have many calluses. Now, my feet are smooth and my nails are too!! I am hoping it will continue to  give me more relief with my osteoarthritis, I will continue to use it.

by Carol Eassa on Organic Sulfur Crystals

It's been about 3 weeks thus far and I am slowly working my way up to a full tsp twice a day. I currently take 1/2 tsp per day. I am very excited at the progress so far and hope I continue to notice even less pain in my body. I would love to do another review in a couple more weeks!

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