MSM For Hair Growth

Learn About MSM for Hair, Skin and Nails

MSM For Hair Growth

MSM (also known as Organic Sulfur), is an excellent, natural alternative for increasing hair growth, and overall hair health, thickness and appearance.

MSM is also an amazing overall beauty support that helps nails grow thick and strong, and is excellent for skin, complexion, wrinkles and acne.

What is MSM?

what is MSM

MSM is the organic (bio-active) form of the mineral sulfur. When MSM is in its pure form and is 100% additive-free it’s also known as “Organic Sulfur”.

There are many forms of the mineral Sulfur.

Most think of Sulfur as the yellow, stinky, mined mineral that comes from the ground.

That’s not the one we’re talking about here.

MSM was discovered just 60 years ago, and only in the last 30 years are we beginning to realize its importance not only to appearance, but to the entirety of human health.

MSM is an organic sulfur used for hair growth and beautyThis type of yellow sulfur is not able to provide hair growth

MSM & Hair Growth

MSM is vital for thick, lush hair, and can help with hair regrowth, thickness and softness.

It’s also crucial for overall appearance and health of the skin, and nails. 

For anyone looking to maintain appearance naturally and effectively, MSM is what you seek.

MSM is truly about beauty from the inside out, and is why its known as “nature’s beauty mineral

Sulfur was even used by Cleopatra more than 3000 years ago for hair and beautification.

hair growth using MSM has been done for centuries

The Hair Growth Cycle

The hair growth cycle consists of three stages: 

1. Anagen (growing),

2. Telogen (intermediate), and

3. Catagen (resting or shedding).

As we age, the Anagen stage gets shorter and shorter, which is why the older we get the more hair we lose. 

MSM has been shown in studies to help extend the body’s natural hair growing cycle – the ‘Anagen’ phase.

Source: Shanmugam, Srinivasan & Baskaran, Rengarajan.The Effect of Methylsulfonylmethane on Hair Growth and  for the Treatment of Alopecia. Biomolecules & Therapeutics – BIOMOL THER. 17. 241-248. 10.4062/biomolther.2009.17.3.241.
MSM can help increase the anagen hair growth cycle

Important Issue About MSM

To compound hair loss and thinning hair, when MSM is deficient in the body, hair loss and thinning can accelerate.

Many do not realize that MSM/Organic Sulfur should actually be the third most abundant mineral in the body behind Calcium and Phosphorus.

That fact alone should tell you how important Sulfur actually is to the body and appearance, and how much the body actually depends on Sulfur.

BUT… Studies have shown that the majority of people are actually very low in MSM (Sulfur), due to the low amounts now found in food due to our farming and food processing methods today.

Organic Sulfur/MSM is what is called an ‘essential mineral’, meaning you can’t make it, you have to get it from either food or supplementation.

Most people should be supplementing MSM daily for its vast benefits for appearance, health and general wellness.

“Sulfur deficiency is real… A large segment of the population appears to be sulfur deficient.” 

Dr. Marcel E Nimni.

Sources: (1) Nimni ME, Han B, Cordoba F. Are we getting enough sulfur in our diet? Nutrition & Metabolism. 2007;4:24. doi:10.1186/1743-7075-4-24. Source Here. (2) The Food & Agricultural Organization of The United Nations. Study found here.

How MSM Helps Hair Growth

MSM helps increase hair growth by aiding in the suppression of the Telogen (resting) phase, and helping to reactivate the Anagen (hair growth) stage.

This is thought to happen when people increase intake of MSM, as added Sulfur starts to build up in the middle layers of the scalp and follicle, which act as a bio- signal for the body to restart the Anagen cycle.

MSM and the Hair Growth Cycles

Source: Shanmugam, Srinivasan & Baskaran, Rengarajan.The Effect of Methylsulfonylmethane on Hair Growth and  for the Treatment of Alopecia. Biomolecules & Therapeutics – BIOMOL THER. 17. 241-248. 10.4062/biomolther.2009.17.3.241.

MSM Keeps Existing Hair Healthy, Thick & Lush

MSM is also the primary building block of the protein known as “Keratin” which is responsible for the health and appearance of hair (and nails).

Keratin ProteinMSM helps build Keratin

Keratin is a fibrous, sulfur-based protein that provides the building blocks and structure for hair, and nails.

Keratin is fully dependent on adequate MSM/Organic Sulfur in the body.

With so many deficient in MSM/Sulfur, there can be a significant lack of Keratin in the body leading to many issues with thinning hair, shedding, as well as nail and skin problems.

Organic Sulfur (MSM) also helps the body create flexible “disulfide bonds” which act as the ‘glue’ that gives Keratin (and Collagen)  strength and flexibility yielding stronger, soft more lush hair.

MSM is the Glue For Hair and Compounds like Keratin

MSM & Keratin

When the body has access to more MSM/Sulfur, the body is able to quickly optimize the production of Keratin, promoting stronger and thicker hair, that’s also typically fuller, softer and easier to style.

MSM Boosts Keratin Production

MSM Optimizes Keratin ProductionLook Below Arrow

Low Keratin Vs. Keratin AbundanceAbundant MSM leads to better keratin / hair follicle production

In Just Weeks of Use, MSM Can Help Transform Hair From Thin, Weak, Dry And Brittle – To Strong, Soft & Thick

MSM supports hair follicles

Save Your Money…

 Expensive Hair & Beauty Products Can Be Highly Toxic & Do More Damage Than Good

Toxins in hair products lead to lack of MSM

Synthetic hair treatments & medications simply don’t get to the “root” cause… (pun not intended).

Many people are led to believe these types of expensive products will help because of big budget advertising campaigns.

These brands focus only on synthetic concoctions, external keratin serums, creams and leave-in treatments, because they can’t patent naturally occurring minerals and nutrients like MSM.

As a result, these brands are not focused on ‘natural solutions’ that work by giving the body what it needs to fix the issue, and provide typically excellent results for many women and men.

Instead, many mainstream hair and skin products are actually filled with serious toxins and harsh ingredients that do a lot more damage than good.

What’s In Your Beauty Products?

Toxins hiding in everyday hair products versus the safety of MSM

MSM Also Helps Detoxify Hair & Reduce Inflammation In The Scalp

msm helps with detox of the hair and scalp and also with inflammation support

MSM is also known as one of nature’s most powerful detoxifying and inflammation reducing agents.

Many studies show that hair loss / thinning hair can actually be caused by toxin accumulation and resulting inflammation in the hair follicle and in the scalp.

MSM helps your entire body detox at a cellular level, including your hair and scalp.

MSM does this by helping cell membranes (the “smart wall” that surrounds each of your cells) in the scalp and hair follicles sweep toxins out, and increase the uptake of nutrients and oxygen.

How MSM Helps Detoxify Cells

how MSM works to detoxify hair cells and in the scalp

MSM also provides cells with the ability to remove inflammatory agents reducing swelling that drives follicular inflammation.

Inflammation of the follicles cuts off blood and nutrients to the follicle creating increased fallout and weaker, thinner, more brittle hair.

Many beauty products actually DRIVE the increase of toxins and inflammation in the body that can destroy beauty rather then save it.

MSM Helps Detoxify The Actual Hair & Scalp + Remove Inflammation

MSM and How It Protects Hair from toxicity and inflammation

Source: 2009 Huntington College of Health Sciences Literature Education Series On Dietary Supplements By Gene Bruno, MS, MHS

MSM Is The Ultimate Beauty Tool

Many people, women specifically, go through life and do not realize that the issues with thinning hair, weak nails and skin are directly related to the fact that they are not getting enough of the bio-active form of Sulfur / MSM.

Instead they spend hundreds and thousands of dollars each year on chemical, synthetic, cosmetic solutions, that in fact are quite toxic.

You Don’t Need These….

You Need Is MSM…

Remember beauty truly does flow from the inside out.

Look Below ArrowReal Impacts. Real Results

Thinning hair and MSMResults Can Vary

Soft hair and MSMResults Can Vary

Easy to style hair with MSMResults Can Vary

MSM Is Also Amazing For Skin & Nails

MSM is critical for healthy hair and apperance

MSM and Nails

MSM provides fast benefits for nails too, as nail thickness, clarity and growth factors are dependent on the availability of Keratin.

Again, when low in MSM / Organic Sulfur, the body struggles to produce enough Keratin, which can result in weak brittle nails.

Low Keratin Does Not Only affect Hair it affects nails too

By simply increasing the oral intake of MSM, many see rapid impacts to nail growth & strength.

MSM/Organic Sulfur crystals can also be used to create easy nail soaks that can have rapid and significant impact on nail health.

More Sulfur Leads To Stronger Hair and nails too

Look Below Arrow

The Impact of MSM on Nails In Just Weeks of Use

MSM impacts on hair and nails after weeks of useResults Can Vary

more keratin for hair and nails with MSMResults Can Vary Low Keratin with low msm can lead to nail issues tooResults Can Vary

What Customers Say About Happy Body MSM For Hair & Nails

From Verified Reviewer: Dani Morrison

Over the past 2 years, I have seen my hair become thinner, and fall out. It was bad, I was using a hair powder to cover spots. My naturopath told me to try Organic Sulfur, and with in weeks of starting it my hair has become thicker, and in my balding spots have actually started to fill back in. My hair honestly looks amazing, and my skin looks like it did in my 30’s!

Results will vary. Currently 78% of Reviewers Rate Happy Body Organic Sulfur  5 Full Stars. Review percentages change with time.

From Verified Reviewer: Martina Segundo

My hair and nails have always been a problem for me. Rough, dry, frizzy hair, and brittle horrible looking nails. 3 weeks of using Sulfur, and the changes are amazing. My hair feels full, and much softer, and styles and looks so much better. My nails are growing like crazy, and are strong! It’s amazing what this product does!

Results will vary. Currently 78% of Reviewers Rate Happy Body Organic Sulfur  5 Full Stars. Review percentages change with time.

From Verified Reviewer: Sylvia Stokosa

Yes Organic Sulfur works and works fast. I take 2 tsps daily and 5 weeks later I can not believe the difference in my hair. It’s so much thicker and fuller. My hairdresser noticed without my saying anything. She is now recommending to all who complain of thin hair! Also my nails are growing like weeds, and are a lot stronger. Skin looks greater than it has in years. This stuff is youth in a bag!

Results will vary. Currently 78% of Reviewers Rate Happy Body Organic Sulfur  5 Full Stars. Review percentages change with time.

MSM and Skin

Being low in MSM can also create many issues with skin, as your skin is fully dependent on another Sulfur-based protein called Collagen.

Organic Sulfur helps the body rapidly increase and optimize the production of Collagen.

Collagen is also responsible for the health, complexion and elasticity of skin.

When low in MSM/Sulfur people can experience many issues with skin including:

  • Acne (all types) & Scarring
  • Blemishes & Blotchiness
  • Rough, Dry, Red, Itchy Skin
  • Premature Aging of Skin, Wrinkles and Dull Skin

MSM Optimizes Collagen Production

MSM helps increase both keratin for hair and collagen for skin

Low Collagen Vs. Collagen Abundance

Low MSM / Sulfur also optimized collagen production

MSM Impacts For Skin

Blotchiness and MSMResults Can Vary

Complexion of skin and MSMResults Can Vary

Acne scarring and MSMResults Can Vary

Dry, irritated skin and MSMResults Can Vary

What Customers Say About Organic Sulfur & Skin Health

From Verified Reviewer: Rika Vansteeg

No product does what this does! My skin looks amazing after a few weeks on Sulfur I have seen my skin tighten up, and my complexion has completely changed. I have never used a cream that could do this. All my friends keep asking what I’m using, that’s how noticeable it is. 
Results will vary. Currently 78% of Reviewers Rate Happy Body Organic Sulfur  5 Full Stars. Review percentages change with time.

From Verified Reviewer: Donita Miles

I’ve dealt with acne since I was a teen, at times I have had it under control but it left some scarring and I get bad flare ups. My new dermatologist told me to try MSM, and suggested Happy Body due to it’s purity and in the weeks since my skin has gone through a full on rebirth. It’s actually even getting rid of my acne scars! My skin looks brand new, and I can’t tell you how thankful I am. My confidence has skyrocketed. I am still amazed this simple stuff can do so much! My hair also looks amazing after a few weeks. I’m highly recommend it!
Results will vary. Currently 78% of Reviewers Rate Happy Body Organic Sulfur  5 Full Stars. Review percentages change with time.

From Verified Reviewer: Linia Varney

I started taking this product daily for 1.5 months now and my hair is thicker and shinier, but my skin has benefited most! My skin is incredibly soft and is no longer dry. My face looks like it is glowing, and I am 45 years old. I noticed fine lines around my eyes and dark circles but since I’ve taken this it has reduced most of the fine lines and lightened the dark circles around my eyes. My complexion makes me now look 10 years younger.
Results will vary. Currently 78% of Reviewers Rate Happy Body Organic Sulfur  5 Full Stars. Review percentages change with time.

Bottom Line

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There are many different grades of MSM/Organic Sulfur on the market.

There are also many specialty hair vitamins flooding the market today as well.

Most of these offer very little, absorbable MSM.

As well, most come with no 3rd party testing to validate the purity & quality of their MSM.

Most MSM/ Hair Vitamin pills and powders are filled also with additives like dioxides and stearates, which can be toxic to the body, and greatly reduce MSM absorption.

Happy Body Pure MSM Crystals Vs. The Rest

learn more about sulfur Down arrows

Organic Sulfur is The Optimal Form of MSM

Based on Avg. Amounts of MSM Per Capsule From Leading Brands.

You Can Also Use Our MSM Crystals Direct To Scalp

With Our MSM / Organic Sulfur Crystals you can also apply them directly to your hair and scalp to create a supercharged Sulfur leave in conditioner to help infuse and detoxify the scalp and hair follicles with pure MSM/Sulfur.

MSM Leave IN Conditioner for Hair Growth, Detoxification & Softness

No Chemicals, Highly Effective

use MSM to add topically to hair

To make it use:

  • 2 Tbsp apple cider vinegar
  • 1 Tbsp of Happy Body MSM Crystals
  • 16 oz of (ideally filtered or bottled water)


Add all to a glass and shake well. For added shine you can also use 1/2 tsp of MCT (liquid coconut oil).

Add to an empty spray bottle and apply after shampooing.

Leave in up to 1 hour and rinse hair thoroughly

Try Happy Body Pure MSM Crystals For Your Hair

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