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What Can You Give A Dog For Pain?

Excellent Options You Should Consider For Your Dog.

Various Dogs in Pain that want relief

Nothing could be sadder than watching our furry best friends suffer through pain, inflammation and disease. The question so many pet owners ask is what can you give a dog for pain? Something that’s fast, effective and most important extremely safe for dogs (and cats) with:

  • Hip pains.
  • Joint pains.
  • Muscle pains.
  • Chronic Inflammation.
  • Chronic leg and shoulder pain.
  • Chronic fatigue.

As a pet owner you’re really looking at 2 main options for what you can give a dog for pain:

Veterinary Medications For Canine Pain:


This can be used for most dogs and is some-what safe. Aspirin can help dogs with inflammation and can help reduce the odd fever. However you have to be very careful with the dosage, as this can quickly create kidney and liver issues for your dog.

Aspirin is ironic because prolonged use has been known to actually destroy cartilage and actually make pain conditions much worse over time. Also aspirin can lead to stomach ulcers and a lot of intestinal discomfort for your dog.


Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or NSAIDs, can be used occasionally for dogs. But please note only ones that are formulated for Dogs are best to use, such as Novox or Etodolac . But these also can have  a significant list of unwanted side-effects for your poor dog, including:

  • Loss of appetite.
  • Lethargy (extreme tiredness).
  • Eye irritation/dryness.
  • Vomiting and/or diarrhea.
  • Yellowing of the gums, skin or white around the eyes.
  • Excessive thirst.
  • Increased urination, and kidney issues.
  • Dizziness, disorientation, stumbling, paralysis, seizures.
  • Even in some cases death.

These are some very serious side effects, not to mention the extremely high cost of these medications. As well, pharmaceutical pain medications for dogs DO NOT treat the root cause, but instead simply block pain or “turn off” the nerve. So you get some short-term relief, but the pain issues are still there + now have side effects to deal with.

In the end you should really consider some very effective, less well-known natural supplements that can deal with the pain at the root cause very effectively, and for the fraction of the cost and very few (if any) side effects.

New Pain and Joint Supplements For Dogs:

Today there are now some truly excellent pain and inflammation relief solutions for dogs that actually attack the root cause of pain and inflammation.

These supplements provide relief quite quickly, and also in a very permanent way with few-to-no side effects, at a much lower cost than medications.

There is one specific, highly effective natural mineral based supplement for dogs that you should know about.  This supplement is very safe, and well proven for pain and inflammation relief for dogs (and so much more).

This dietary supplement is actually a simple mineral that has PROVEN time and again to be very effective for chronic dog pains and aches. You may be asking yourself “so why have I never heard of this???” Well there’s actually a very simple answer.

Big Pharmaceutical Companies

Dominate Veterinary Medicine…

Chances are you may not know about this supplement because the Big Pharmaceutical Companies, with their multi-million dollar marketing budgets push and advertise only their patented synthetic medications for Dog Pain.

Dog Pain Medications

Smaller, natural supplement retailers like us have very little budget for big advertising to get the word out. As a result, there are very few people who know about this highly effective and simple supplement that can be used for dogs, cats, horses and humans alike!

The mineral we want you to know about is:

  • A naturally occurring mineral.
  • Very low-cost compared to veterinary medicines.
  • Very safe to use with few – if any – side effects at all.
  • Highly effective for long-lasting pain and inflammation relief.
  • Excellent for general wellness and lack of energy in dogs.
  • An incredible detoxifier for your dog’s body.
  • Responsible for over 140 compounds, amino acids, enzymes, and other critical functions in your dog’s body.

What is also as important to know is that your dog is very deficient in not just this mineral but many key minerals and nutrients and it’s not just due to natural aging.

That’s why many dog owners are noticing that their dogs are getting these types of pain and health issues much younger then ever in the past. The reason is related to the food that your dog intakes.

But it’s not about what your dog eats.

It’s about what your dog DOESN’T eat.

Commercial Dog Food Is Simply Not Enough.

Whats in dog food that leads to pain and inflammationThe ingredients in many dry commercial dog foods today are simply filler and poor quality proteins. Now even if most owners provide some table scraps or mix in some wet food, the vast majority of kibble and treats for dogs are made from GMO flours, and corn meals, with poor quality protein and fillers, all baked into a dry pellet. Yum!

Chronic Pain, Inflammation Symptoms In Dogs:

When Crucial Trace Minerals Are Lacking In Dogs The Following Symptoms Tend To Occur.Signs of chronic pain in your dog

Recognize any of these in your pets?

The key mineral supplement your dog needs is:

Organic Sulfur.

What to give your dog for pain? Try Organic Sulfur

We’re not talking about the Sulfur most people know that is stinky, yellow and mined, but instead we are talking about another mineral form of Sulfur, a white crystal “organic” form that exists in every living being on Earth.

Difference in Sulfur types for dog supplements

What is Organic Sulfur?

So many do not realize the importance of Sulfur to health (for dogs and us). Organic Sulfur is actually found in every living cell in your dog’s body in a form called “MSM” (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane). Humans, plants and every living organism has MSM in its cells.

Some of you may have heard of MSM. Some of you may be taking small amounts of MSM in pill or tablet form with other minerals like Glucosamine or Chondroitin. Or you may even have your dog on a similar supplement specially formulated for pets.

These unfortunately do not have enough MSM or Organic Sulfur to make a larger impact.

The fact remains that when used in the right amount, Organic Sulfur / MSM is excellent for relieving chronic pain and many general wellness issues in dogs.

 “Organic Sulfur is a true miracle for dogs in pain or in poor health – regardless of age all dogs need access to adequate Sulfur

Dr. Justin Demarco – Certified Veterinarian and Animal Advocate.

What Can Organic Sulfur / MSM Do For Your Dog?

The Ultimate Dog Pain Killer:

Organic Sulfur is an ultra-powerful analgesic that helps to quickly stop pain impulses from nerves in soft tissues like muscles and joints. Organic Sulfur has also been shown to help stop inflammation by supercharging the available cortisol in the system. Cortisol is a powerful natural anti-inflammatory made that depends on available sulfur for activation in the body.

Impressive and Powerful Detoxifier:

When adequate amounts of Organic Sulfur are in the body, the sulfur quickly softens cell walls in the body making them more “open”. This does not sound like a big deal, but in fact is critically important.

This cell wall softening, opens the cell and allows it to do 2 crucial things:

  • Remove toxins, wastes and heavy metals.
  • Uptake adequate oxygen and nutrients.

How Sulfur Detox Works To Stop Pain In Your Dog

How Sulfur Stops Dog Pain and provides Inflammation Relief

Antioxidant Building Machine.

Organic Sulfur / MSM provides a huge dose of truly bio-active sulfur to your dog’s system. Many people don’t realize that in order to produce  powerful antioxidants that bind to and deactivate free radicals, you need adequate Organic Sulfur.

Why Antioxidants Arfe So Important For Pain Support in dogs and pets

Helps Stop Skin and Food Based Dog Allergies.

Dog allergens that can also create pain and issues with health

Organic Sulfur also help dogs with a large number of allergic and skin conditions. The sulfur does this by bonding to the mucus layers in the stomach, intestines and sinuses of your dog. This stops the interaction between the allergens and the mucus membranes, where the inflammation occurs.

Highly Effective Autoimmune Disease Fighter.

In its many decades of use and study, Organic Sulfur has been repeatedly shown to be a very good defence to, and inhibitor of autoimmune disease symptoms. In fact many people use Organic Sulfur very successfully to treat Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, and other autoimmune diseases.

Autoimmune Causes in Dogs

Typical Autoimmune Symptoms in Dogs That MSM Helps Include:

  • Swollen Joints, and Muscles.
  • Intense Soreness in parts of the body.
  • Hot, itchy, and painful skin spots and sores.
  • Inflamed, red eyes.
  • Constant licking of paws.

Naturally Destroys Parasites.

A truly excellent benefit of Organic Sulfur its effect on nasty parasites like Giardia and stomach and intestinal pin worms.Parasites and DogsOrganic Sulfur is able to also bind to the walls of the stomach and intestines, and do not allow for these parasites to bond to the host, as a result killing them off and removing them from the body.


Organic Sulfur A True Gift For Your Dog.

Happy Pain Free Dogs– All natural, very safe, and easy to give to dogs.

– Powerful and very effective for pain relief, and mobility.

– Detox’s your dog at the cellular level and stops inflammation.

-Energizes and invigorates your dogs and cats.

– Backed by a 100% No Time Limit Guarantee.

– Much cheaper then medicines and other supplements and more effective.

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Recent Reviews For Organic Sulfur for Dogs

We do not pay for reviews or provide free samples for reviews. All reviews are from customers and clients.


 by Terry Ross

5 Stars

Rating – 5  / 5 Stars

 I have been very skeptical to try  ‘natural’ things before, because I always was sure it would be a waste of money. This though has been a very refreshing eye opener for me. I tried this after my sister begged and pleaded to try it after she saw the effects on her arthritis. She thought I would see similar results for my Fibro. Guess what? She was right. A significant decrease in pain and way less tingling then I have experiences in a long time! Reduction in headaches have also been welcome. Taste is bitter but who cares when you feel like this again.

So Happy To See!

 by Trina Sheehan

5 Stars

Rating – 5  / 5 Stars

This supplement has been excellent for my 2 dogs and my 7-year-old cat Murphy. My beagle especially had terrible issues in his hip and shoulders. Would not even move during the day, till dinner time. Stopped going for walks 2 months ago, we were so worried about him, but in just a few weeks on Organic Sulfur and a slight change in his feed, its been a total change in him. The pain really seems to be gone for the most part. He still shows a bit of pain after a long walk or some play time but the fact he is walking around and playing in itself is a miracle. He and my whole family are thrilled about this. We have seen similar results in our 6-year-old terrier Reilly, we are so very happy to have found this. We are telling any and every pet owner we know, and I have even order some Happy Body Sulfur for myself.

A must for all dogs!

 by Viola Valasquez-Crane

Rating – 5  / 5 Stars

My Pomeranian  of 12 years was diagnosed with arthritis in the right knee and in his hips. These conditions were really changing his overall behavior and you could see even when he was asleep the pain that he was in. We tried pain killers from the vet, that did a real number on his tummy. Even after buying him a new expensive bed for him nothing changed. We wanted to help the root of his problems. Our vet suggested surgery to help, but the cost was simply too high for us to afford. We came across Happy Body Organic Sulfur on Google, and after some research I bought some. Less than a month after taking it, our dog started to show real signs of pain relief, eating, and playful like he was earlier in life. It brings a smile to my heart to see him these past few weeks, and with no issues or side effects at all, even his horrible skin itches have subsided. The only thing you have to consider is that because it’s a powder it can be a challenge to give them if they dont like the taste. Other than that it truly is an amazing supplement and I wont be without it out for my dog.

Simply Amazing

 by Dave Hindson

5 Stars

Rating – 5  / 5 Stars

This supplement is truly excellent. My poodle’s knee has a slippage issue, I don’t really know why, she is only 7 years, and only does walks 2 x daily. She is far too young to have surgery, and the cost of surgery is frankly insane. The Vet put her various meds to help with the pain and limp, but the other issues the pain created were also crazy. I had enough, and I was determined to find a good natural option. Lucky I found a great one in Organic Sulfur. What a true difference it has made in a relatively short time! Her knee seems to be strong and the swelling she used to have is simply gone. You can actually see the difference in her eyes, as where there was a dull listlessness to her there is now that spark I used to see a few years ago. I have also recommend it to many friends with pets and at least 2 more of my friends have seen similar results one in a Husky and another with her 13 year old cat. I just sprinkle some in a cold cut for my poodle and is as easy as that. Thanks Happy Body!

Free of Vet Bills = Happy Dog and Owner!

 by Mario Cartussi

5 Stars

Rating – 5  / 5 Stars

I am not a huge fan of vets, at least the ones I have come across it’s always a high cost and low value medicine or surgery and it always seems that money is the biggest goal. After being refered to Organic Sulfur from a naturopathic doctor my 10 year old German Shepard has a new lease on life. My dog suffered from terrible skin allergies and joint pain in his hips and front paw. Our vet at the time prescribed Carprofen, and after almost 6 months of use our poor German Sheppard was not seeing too much pain relief and a wealth of other side effects from lethargy to kidney issues and stomach ulcers. With in 5 weeks of using the Organic Sulfur Crystals, it was like he became a new dog. His appetite is back, he is not pawing a licking his skin in the same spot till it was raw. He is obviously not in pain that much or at all, as he is insisting to go run around the backyard with my 2 sons. Its been excellent for him, and at a price I can actually afford. He does not seem to mind the taste, we just add some to his food and its no issue. This has been a game changer for him and us.

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