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Premium Topical Relief Cream

Powered By: CMO + MSM + Peppermint + Aloe + Shea Butter.

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CMP MAX, new from Happy Body, combines the incredibly powerful and highly effective capabilities of CMO, MSM, & Peppermint (CMP).

CMP MAX is a small-batch blended, highly specialized pain relief cream. CMP MAX is also a very high-quality cream that uses all natural Aloe, and Shea Butter cream that is 100% Paraben-free, and is derived from 98% natural ingredients.

CMP MAX is truly a premium, topical cream, specially designed to be used as a complimentary approach for people dealing with:

  Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Tendinitis, Carpal Tunnel & Related.

 High levels of Chronic Pain, & Inflammation.

CMP MAX is a true performance cream made with a proprietary formulation of CMO and MSM. This makes CMP MAX highly effective, rapidly absorbed, and fast acting.

CMO is short for “Cetyl Myristoleate”  –  pronounced “See Till My Risto Lee Ate”.

MSM is short for MethylSulfonylMethane – pronounced “Methil Sulfonal Methane“.  

Learn more about CMO and MSM below.

No Cream Like It On The Market Today.

 Premium, Powerful, Proprietary Blend of CMO & Pure MSM (Organic Sulfur).

Superior Effectiveness, Fast Acting, & Non Greasy.

Free of Harsh Chemicals Like Menthol & Camphor. 

Designed for Deep & Rapid Absorption & Relief.

Paraben-Free Cream. Aloe, Shea Butter & Essential Oil.

Made in the USA & 3rd party lab certified for purity & quality. 

Free shipping & fast delivery (2 – 4 business days).

Satisfaction guaranteed.



Each Jar Contains NW. 4 OZ / 113.4 Grams of CMP MAX Cream
Rated: 4.72 Stars Out of 5.

Regular Retail Price: $44.99

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$29.99 + Free Shipping

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Guaranteed Effective.

Directions: Apply liberally 2 – 3 times daily on any area of the body requiring special attention. Absorbs quickly with no greasy feel, no harsh smells, and works rapidly. Read label for full directions.

Premium Formulation, Superior Performance.

CMP MAX is a premium, specialty-blended cream made with proprietary levels of CMO and MSM. This gives CMP MAX  superior results, a very pleasant, light smell, and extremely fast absorption, that is completely non-greasy.


Cetyl myristoleate (CMO) is a fatty compound discovered by researcher Harry W. Diehl, while looking for a cure for arthritis.

CMO is a naturally occurring fatty acid compound. Many fatty acids are crucial to both life and wellness, and are actually called EFA’s (Essential Fatty Acids) as a result.

Research shows that EFAs like CMO can typically be depleted in people dealing with chronic inflammatory conditions. Reduced CMO & EFA levels are also associated with various autoimmune conditions.

Source: Bahadori B, Uitz E, Thonhofer R, et al. omega-3 Fatty acids infusions as adjuvant therapy in rheumatoid arthritis. JPEN J Parenter Enteral Nutr. 2010

CMO is believed to act as natural super-lubricant for the joints and acts as a “Surfactant” (“Surf/ Act / Ant”), which reduces tension, friction and inflammation with in joints.

Source: Hagen KB, Byfuglien MG, Falzon L, Olsen SU, Smedslund G. Dietary interventions for rheumatoid arthritis. Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2009 Jan 21.

What Is MSM?

MSM is a powerful Organo Sulfur compound, (why it is also called Organic Sulfur), and is a natural, fully bio-active form of sulfur. MSM is also critical to life. Over 140 compounds and processes in the human body are fully dependent on Sulfur.

MSM was initially identified by Dr, Stanley Jacob, also while researching pain and arthritis solutions at the University of Oregon.

Over the years, MSM use has skyrocketed, mainly by people dealing with pain conditions. MSM has a profound effect in a number of areas when supplemented orally or topically.

MSM is used in many other pain & joint products on the market, but is typically offered in very low doses. CMP MAX provide between 100% – 500% more MSM per jar then most MSM creams on the market.

The combination and proportion of CMO and MSM found in each jar of CPM MAX make it an ideal complimentary support for people in pain.


Current Star RatingCurrent Rating: 4.72 / 5 Stars

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Average rating:  
 43 reviews
by Tina Salazar on CMP MAX Topical Cream
Very Effective!

Excellent pain cream, using for eczema on my feet as well, and it has also worked very well in both stopping the constant itch and is actually repairing the skin. Amazing stuff!!!

by Marg Silvestro on CMP MAX Topical Cream
Big Difference In Pain Levels

I have severe rheumatoid arthritis and tendonitis.  I am reordering the CMP MAX because it has made a big difference in reducing my pain levels. Thank you so much for creating such an effective product and  I also appreciate the educational information that you put on-line as it helps me to understand the benefits of MSM.

by J. Yorke on CMP MAX Topical Cream
Does what it says.

Does what it says. Very good pain cream.

by Sandi Gilbert on CMP MAX Topical Cream
really helps me.

This has really helped to ease the inflammation in my arthritic knees and back. It really helps. This keeps me mobile and out of pain.

by T. Schramm on CMP MAX Topical Cream
helps immensely!

I bought this trial for my mom who is going through lung cancer treatment, the harsh medications hurt her joints and create pain. This pain cream that has helped IMMENSELY! Thank you!

by Brenda Morar on CMP MAX Topical Cream
Been great for us all.

Back issues plague our family. This cream really helps, especially my hubby’s lower back and knees. nice scent, instead it’s light and fades away quickly. Goes on like a lotion, absorption is very quick. This is now on our shopping list for good!

by Dan Vahrenwald on CMP MAX Topical Cream
Works fast, but should work longer...

Pro's very fast relief, very nice, light scent, very quick absorption. Con: Seems to only last me 4 - 5 hours till I need more. Should it not last for longer?

by Judy Demiers on CMP MAX Topical Cream
Worth it!

The relief I have with this product makes it worth every penny!! Tried so many pain creams in the past, and this is truly been the best so far!

by R Bothwell on CMP MAX Topical Cream
Works like a charm!

This stuff works very well. No harsh smell, no greasy residue. We keep it around the house for everyone, and use it daily. My uncle has severe arthritis in his joints,  and said this is the first topical ointment that relieves his pain.

by Kim Lennaman on CMP MAX Topical Cream
Very good results so far!

have used Happy Body products for last year, and got a trial offer for their CMP cream. I love MSM so I had to try it, and so far the cream is providing very good results. Its easily one of the best pain creams I have used, and my hubby loves it even more then I do.I used to buy a hand made cream from my compounding pharmacy, and paid 3 times what CMP costs, and this is far better in effect and smell, goes on like a dream.

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Each Jar Contains NW. 4 OZ / 113.4 Grams of CMP MAX Cream
Rated: 4.72 Stars Out of 5.

Regular Retail Price: $44.99

Introductory Price:

$29.99 + Free Shipping

That’s 33% Off The Regular Retail Price! 

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