Suffering from Bad Arthritis Pain?

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Arthritis Relief Solutions

What if we told you that your Arthritis may be directly linked to a very misunderstood mineral deficiency.

This mineral you are most likely deficient in, has been tested extensively in many studies over the past 40 years on:

  • Osteoarthritis.
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis.
  • Gout / Gouty Arthritis.
  • Fibromyalgia.
  • Chronic Neck, Back and Body Pains.

It has PROVEN time and again to be a very effective mineral for most types of chronic body pain conditions, mobility and much more.

You may be asking yourself “well why have I never heard of this???” Well there’s actually a very simple answer.

Big Drug Companies Dominate The Media…

The reason many of you haven’t heard about this mineral is that big Pharmaceutical Companies use multi-billion dollar marketing budgets and push only their own patented, synthetic medications like Celebrex ™Prednisone ™, Meloxicam ™ or even simple pain reducers like Advil™ or Aleve™.

You see, minerals are ‘naturally occurring’ and as a result are NOT patentable. That basically means you cannot make a lot of money on selling the product, and anyone can compete with you. Big Companies don’t like that.

So as a result, you are only shown patented, synthetic medications. These medicines do not treat the root cause of Arthritis pain and inflammation. Instead they simply “turn off” nerves and create a variety of unwanted side effects. They are not long-term solutions.

Also, many doctors are also far too busy to be able to research natural alternatives. They too are dominated by pharmaceutical sales representatives, and in cases are given financial benefits, that make more advantageous to prescribe medications over natural alternatives like minerals and supplements.

big pharma

Think About It.

When was the last time you left your doctor’s office with a mineral or vitamin suggestion, versus a prescription for medication?

What Big Drug Companies Don’t Want You To Know.

It’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s simple business math. Big drug companies don’t want people using natural supplements that in many cases can be much more effective than patented, synthetic medications.

That’s why very few people even know about this highly effective mineral supplement that better addresses the root cause of chronic pain and inflammation with few – if any side effects.

So we use the Web and Facebook to inform and educate people about this mineral and its amazing benefits. This mineral is really an excellent option that must be considered if you have Arthritis, Chronic Body Pain, and other Wellness issues.

The mineral we’re going to introduce to you just below is:

  • Low-cost and low impact.
  • Very safe and easy to use.
  • Highly effective for long-lasting pain and inflammation.
  • Excellent for general wellness, lack of energy and mobility.
  • Highly effective for thinning hair, skin issues, and nails.
  • Is responsible for over 140 crucial compounds & functions critical to good health.

But before we share the name of the mineral, you MUST first understand WHY you have Arthritis and body pain to begin with, and WHY you are most likely deficient in this mineral. HINT: It’s linked directly to your food.

But it’s not about what you eat.

 It’s about what you DON’T eat.

This Story Actually Starts With Our Soil.


Many people don’t realize that our soil is what passes all of the critical minerals into our food, and from food into our bodies. 2016-10-07_10-06-28

However, over the past century, we as a society have created a real mess of our food production chain. Everything from widespread commercial farming techniques, to the massive overuse of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, has rapidly depleted key minerals in our soil and food.

Since the 1930’s our soil has been devastated by:

Image result for x mark Soil overuse & not allowing for replenishment of it’s mineral base.

Image result for x mark Overuse of chemical fertilizers.

Image result for x mark Overuse of chemical pesticides.


Soil contents

When Soil Is Damaged.

Food is Damaged Too.

Food Today Is NOT Like It Was.

Cold Hard Proof.

The graph below is based on data from the US Department of Agriculture and shows the issue very clearly. Over the past 100 years our soil’s trace mineral content has been reduced to a small fraction of what it was.

This is not a fear tactic or a conspiracy theory; it’s real, and supported by data directly from the US Government and is in-fact a silent and massive health crisis.

Drop In Key Minerals in Soil Over The Past Century. 

2016-09-19_16-18-23Source: USDA based data from 1963, and 1997. Data extrapolation and projections after 2006 based on USDA data, Hamaker 1982.

This is a very serious situation! Our bodies simply cannot make these minerals on their own. We can only get these minerals from our food; OR with highly specialized supplements.

And as a result, the vast majority of us are now extremely deficient in key minerals, and the net result is typically pain and disease.

Not coincidentally

Arthritis & Pain Are Out of Control.

In recent studies, the Center for Disease Control (the CDC) mapped current rates of Arthritis and chronic body pain in the general population, and the results are shocking.

Just 60 years ago, 1 out of every 8 people in this country had Arthritis. Today it’s 1 in every 3! This points a finger directly at the current state of mineral deficiency and soil damage.

1 in every 3 now suffer from Arthritis &  Chronic Pain,

That’s over 100 Million Americans …

Signs You May Have This Mineral Deficiency.

When you’re lacking in this specific mineral, there are typically signs and symptoms rooted in pain and inflammation, including.


Sound Familiar?

Disease Rates Overall Are Also Skyrocketing.

The chart below shows adapted data from the Centers for Disease Control, The US Dept. of Agriculture, the American Health Association, and the NIH.

This chart does a great job showcasing a very sobering situation. Basically it’s clear, as minerals go down in our food, disease grows unabated.

Disease Goes Up as Minerals In Soil Go Down.


The 1 Mineral For Chronic Pain And Fatigue.

Organic Sulfur

Organic Sulfur is a crucial, and essential mineral, and plays a huge role in health.

It’s Excellent For:

 Serious chronic pain, & inflammation.

 Repair of joints, muscles & ligaments.

 Full body detoxification & stopping of chronic fatigue.

  Mobility issues & supercharging of feelings of wellness.

  Appearance issues: thinning hair, weak nails, skin issues.

& So much more…

Organic Sulfur is Not Yellow Sulfur.

We’re not talking about the yellow sulfur that most people think of. Organic Sulfur is NOT stinky, or inorganic or mined from the earth. Instead, we are talking about another mineral form of Sulfur, the white “organic” form that exists in every living being & plant on Earth.

So What is Organic Sulfur?

Organic Sulfur is the PURE, ADDITIVE-FREE form of the organo-sulfur mineral known as “MSM” (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane). Some of you may have heard of MSM.

Some of you may be taking small amounts of MSM in pill or tablet form with other minerals like Glucosamine or Chondroitin.

The reason so many Arthritis and body pain supplements use MSM is its excellent ability to help stop pain, and help repair old and worn out muscles and joints.

MSM provides very effective pain and inflammation relief. It is found in plants and vegetables, but due to farming techniques and over processing is basically minimal in our food today.

BUT most MSM sold today is diluted & not pure.

Even though MSM is amazing for Arthritis, pain, inflammation and general wellness, there are 2 very large issues with the MSM sold in places like CVS, WalMart, Amazon, and even the local health food store.

1. Most MSM today is sold in pills or powdered form. The amount of MSM you get from these forms is far too little to give you the relief and benefits that pure MSM provides. In fact, Organic Sulfur typically provides between 500% –  5000% more MSM, dose for dose.

2. Most MSM on the market is also not pure. It’s cut with additives and fillers to lower costs, and as a result, significantly lowers impact and absorption by the body.

MSM Quality & Quantity By Dose & Type:

Organic Sulfur Crystals Are Simply The Best.


In fact, close to 80% of our customer’s rate our Pure Organic Sulfur a full 5 stars!

That’s basically 8 out of every 10 people.

But First…What Organic Sulfur is NOT.

Some people confuse Organic Sulfur for “Sulfa, which many are allergic to. Organic Sulfur is NOT THE SAME as “Sulfa”.

Organic Sulfur is a naturally occurring bio-active sulfur, and you could not live without it.

Not Sulfa

Sulfa on the other hand, is a synthetic, inorganic derivative created from the mined, yellow Sulfur,  and is used in many antibiotic medications.

The Amazing Benefits of Organic Sulfur For Arthritis.

Rebuilds Joints, Cartilage & Muscle.

Organic Sulfur is vital to the creation, regeneration and structure of your body’s joints, cartilage and muscle cells. When you are low on Organic Sulfur, the physical structure of your muscles, joints and cartilage breakdown & weaken. This creates pain and lack of mobility.

Once you replenish Organic Sulfur in the system, your body begins to repair the physical structure of your joints, muscles and cartilage, increasing stability, mobility and limiting pain quickly.


Stops The Root Cause of Inflammation.

The second way Organic Sulfur stops pain is by eliminating inflammation at the source. Organic Sulfur restores the permeability (softness) of cell membranes (a membrane is basically the “wall” that surrounds the cell’s and allows things to flow in and out of the cell).

When you don’t have enough Organic Sulfur in the system, those cell walls harden. This leads to cells swelling with wastes, toxins and heavy metals.

It leads then to swelling, inflammation, pain, and disease as the cell loses health. This happens to billions of cells in the body without Organic Sulfur.

Once back in the body, Organic Sulfur allows fluids, wastes, and toxins to pass out of cells with ease. This sounds like a small deal but in fact…

it’s a HUGE deal.

This special process, that only Organic Sulfur provides,  allows your cells to stop swelling with fluids, wastes, and toxins which again is the primary cause of inflammation, pain, and disease in the body.

  How It All Works:

The Toxic Reality.

People don’t realize how brutal our Commercial Environment has become on our bodies. We are literally bombarded with disease-causing toxins and heavy metals all day long.

Toxins Are Literally Everywhere!

Arthritis, pain conditions, disease, poor wellness, issues with appearance, and constant fatigue are all scientifically linked to having too many toxins in the system.

Organic Sulfur quickly allows cells in the body to remove inflammatory, disease-causing heavy metals, lactic acids, and toxins. It’s one of nature’s most powerful, full body detoxifiers.

People also don’t realize how CRITICALLY important detoxification is. Today we ingest disease-causing toxins throughout the day, we need defenses to be able to get rid of them – and that is Organic Sulfur.


From our water to our food, to our homes and work environments, we are bombarded daily with chemicals, toxins and heavy metals.

In studies, Organic Sulfur has a shown a significant role in toxin reduction. (Source: The Assessment of MSM (Organic Sulfur) as a Permeability Enhancer For Regional Chelation Therapy). The Study can be found on the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health

A pain-free body is all about healthy cells…

Organic Sulfur helps cells quickly reduce toxic inflammation & provides the tools for healthy cells and body.

That is why MSM is gaining so much more attention today.

More Amazing Benefits of Organic Sulfur…

Detoxification Stops Fatigue.

The same action of ‘opening’ up your cellular membranes has another excellent benefit, it allows oxygen, vitamins, and nutrients to flow freely into your cells.

This process provides excellent benefits for people dealing with daily fatigue and lack of energy. This makes Organic Sulfur one of nature’s most powerful full-body detoxifiers, and is the ideal supplement for anyone with energy issues.

Potent Allergy Stopper.

Organic Sulfur stops allergies by helping block Histamine Receptors in the body, and therefore stops allergens/histamines from binding with histamine receptors helping stop the “Allergy Cycle”.

Organic Sulfur is considered by many to be the best natural method to control allergies, both seasonal and skin related. 

Sulfur Is Critical For General Health.

Organic Sulfur is critical for a well body. This is due to the fact that Organic Sulfur creates ‘disulfide bonds‘ in your body. These critical bonds help make up the “glue” for over 140 different compounds in the body.

Please do not take that lightly. Many do not realize that the vast majority of proteins, amino acids, enzymes, insulin, collagen, keratin and antioxidants in the body are fully dependent on the amount of available bio-active sulfur.

Without those sulfur bonds, the body spirals into a slow, painful decline of unneeded suffering.

Bonus – It’s Also Amazing for Hair, Skin & Nails.

Organic Sulfur is THE core requirement for the body to produce both Collagen (skin) and Keratin (hair and nails).

When people (more so women), start taking Organic Sulfur, they notice significant changes to the thickness, softness of hair, reduction of skin issues and strong, rapidly growing nails, all within weeks.


Recognized By Leading Doctors.

“MSM is truly remarkable stuff, providing safe and very effective for relief of pain and inflammation.  You do not have to be suffering from a chronic illness to benefit from MSM. “


“MSM… is the first safe, natural, side-effect-free remedy for many types of pain and inflammatory conditions.”

“MSM (Organic Sulfur) is often so effective for pain relief that many doctors are..  even able to discontinue the medication. “

Easy To Take & Very Safe.

Organic Sulfur is a very easy to use –  simply take between 1/4 up to 1 teaspoon of crystals and add it to a little water or juice and swallow it back, twice per day and that’s it.

Easy to take 3

You do this 2 x a day, and that’s it. Simple!

Explore More About Organic Sulfur.

Click below to learn more about our company.

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Who is Happy Body?

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Happy Body specializes in World-Class, Therapeutic grade, Premium Organic Sulfur Crystals That Are 99.9% Pure MSM.

We are the choice of many physiotherapy professionals, trainers, and doctors all over the world.


If you search on Google for “Organic Sulfur Crystals” you will see us on Page One, because we are known for our Pure Organic Sulfur Crystals throughout the world.

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Therapeutic Grade Organic Sulfur

Why You Only Want the Best.

Almost all MSM Pills & Powders on the market are mixed with cheap binding agents, fillers and other ingredients. These forms significantly reduce the amount of pure MSM/Sulfur that you get.

In fact many people only get a fraction of the MSM with pills or powders. It’s like throwing money, time and hope away!

Remember: Our Organic Sulfur has anywhere from 500% – 5000% the amount of absorbable MSM per serving, compared to pills and most powders. Organic Sulfur Crystals simply give you the purest MSM / Sulfur in it’s purest form.

That’s why professionals demand our product for their clients and close to 80% of people rate it 5 stars.

Don’t throw your money, time & away.2016-09-19_17-06-33

Easily The Best Value.

Organic Sulfur also provides the best overall value for users. A typical bottle of 180 MSM pills provides only 18-20 teaspoons of total of additive-laced MSM in a bottle.

On the other hand, Happy Body’s standard 1 LBS of Organic Sulfur Crystals provides 90.4 teaspoons of Pure, Additive-Free MSM per bag!

Happy Body Pure Organic Sulfur Crystals.

Therapeutic Grade MSM.

Pure, Premium & Additive-Free.

Premium Quality & 3rd Party Tested For Purity

Testing and Purity

We are also one of a few companies that can provide a verified Certificate of Analysis from a Third Party Testing Lab for EVERY batch we bring to market.

We offer certified quality, and purity. We also test against heavy metals or contaminants, for each and every batch we sell.

Don’t Let Arthritis Win.

Try Organic Sulfur. It Works Very Well.

Happy Body Organic Sulfur is really for people who are truly tired of:

  • Living in pain.
  • Having little energy.
  • Having limited mobility and wellness.
  • Dealing with the grind of life with little relief.

This simple supplement can easily allow you to live pain-free, more active, and a more mobile life for your families sake, for work, or just to enjoy life again. So don’t let Arthritis win, when a simple, all-natural solution that works is at your fingertips.

Bike riding

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Recent Reviews.

Organic Sulfur Crystals 1 LBS BagCurrent Star Rating - Organic Sulfur MSM CrystalsCurrent Rating: 4.83 / 5 Stars.

All reviews shown below are from verified customers, we do not provide any payment or free product for reviews.

Current Review Breakdown.

The following is our current breakdown of the percentage of ratings. Close to 80% rate Happy Body Organic Sulfur a full 5 Stars.

See ALL REVIEWS when you grab a coupon.

Average rating:  
 315 reviews
by Bertha Patterson on Organic Sulfur Crystals
I'm Impressed

I've been taking 5 grams per day for about a month now and have seen good improvement in knee pain. Hip joints still bother me so after doing some research I am going to increase my dosage to 10 grams to see how that will work. I am about to order my second package.

by Kathy Naish on Organic Sulfur Crystals
loving my results.

I was so hesitant to try this product as other forms of MSM never worked. But after reading the reviews I bought my first bag. My life had been dwindling away in my recliner due to crippling arthritis for 10 years. Started at 1/4 teaspoon and am now at 1 teaspoon twice a day. Although I am not fully pain-free yet, the relief already is very noticeable and amazing. So much better than pills for sure. I hope to convince my pain doctor to suggest this to other patients like me. Please if you are reading this and skeptical, it is affordable and any degree of relief is so worth it!

by Steve Martin on Organic Sulfur Crystals
Good Product!

It's been about 1 1/2 months since I received my order of 2 bags or pounds of the msm for mixing in water and was it ever bitter. It's not bitter anymore just good stuff. My pain is gone and I walk without a limp. Very Good. Am ordering 4 more bags so's I don't run out, thank you for being there.

by Kathryn Imsdahl on Organic Sulfur Crystals
Inflammation down!!

I've suffered with progressive erosive osteoarthritis for about 10 years and it's taken its toll, pain wise, in the past several years. For me it took about a month.... one day I was briskly taking the steps up the stairs and it hit me! No stiffness, No slowness, no struggling! Most of my inflammation, most of the time, completely gone. So grateful!

by Brent McDaniel on Organic Sulfur Crystals
Happy Customer!

I can't believe how much better I feel in my joints after a little over three weeks. I look forward to continuing to take the MSM crystals. I'm glad I looked at the advertisement when it popped up in my Facebook feed.

by Norma Ginsburgh on Organic Sulfur Crystals
Very Thankfull!

When I first ran across MSM 10 years ago, I was using a cheap table version, I recall it helped but not so much that I was hooked. I decided to try crystals as they are pure, much higher amounts of MSM, and the difference is night and day! 3 weeks, and feeling so much better pain wise, overall wise, then I could have hoped for! Thank you!

by Minka Trupke on Organic Sulfur Crystals

I have used the sulfur for approx 1 month and it has been nothing short of excellent for my back and foot pain, which is now a 1 or a 2 versus a 9 or 10. I have much more energy and my nails look amazing. I am now truly a believer in MSM, and am telling anyone who will listen!

by Aileen Osborn on Organic Sulfur Crystals
7 Cervical vertebrae with stenosis and bone spurs

You'd think I'd be in a lot of pain. I have virtually no pain in my neck. After my initial flare up before taking MSM Sulfur Crystals I couldn't even turn my head in the morning after sleeping because of the pain and stiffness. Now the pain in my neck is not even there. Amazing. I watched the video on-line earlier this year and figured what the heck, if it works fine. I've bought Happy Body MSM Crystals ever since. Going on six or more months now. Completely happy customer.

by Donna Harding on Organic Sulfur Crystals
Great stuff!

I started taking this brand of MSM at the beginning of November, within a month I noticed I was running up and down the basement stairs which I hadn’t done for me all long long time. I will continue to use this product and will recommend it to anyone who has joint pain.

MSM arthritis and breathing

I've known about MSM for 25 years. It works if you give it time and find the right dosage. It has drastically improved my breathing - - over 80%. For those of you with arthritis, also limit the "night shades" foods. This includes tomatoes, potato based foods, peppers (red, yellow, green, etc.), and white bread (white bread turns to sugar). I had hip pain over 25 years ago when I spoke with Dr Stanley Jacob about MSM. Dr. Jacob discovered the properties of MSM and its value on the human body. When took the MSM, my hip pain was totally gone in 2 weeks. I do eat the night shades foods, but in moderation.

See All Reviews Once You Grab Your Coupon.

Special Offer.

For a limited time: Get a 1 LBS bag of our world-renown Organic Sulfur Crystals.

See first-hand how effective this all natural mineral is for Arthritis Pain, Poor Mobility, Fatigue & so much more.

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We Have a Total of 500 Promo Codes For

40% Off + Fast, Free Shipping.

Very Fast Shipping. Average 2 – 4 working days to your door.

Ships From Our Warehouse in Mira Loma California.

  Coupons Remaining: 37  

Once this coupons are gone this offer will close.

Click Below To Grab Your Coupon Before They’re Gone.Click here to get this deal

  Coupons Remaining: 37  

Once these coupons are gone this offer will close.Click here to get this deal There is no commitment to buy, see all of our reviews before deciding to buy. No Time Limit Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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