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Vitamin D3 + MSM Reviews

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Vitamin D3 Liquid Drops
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
by Tessa Heddwyn on Vitamin D3 Liquid Drops
Very happy with this item.

Excellent product, helps with vitamin D3 absorption, great taste considering there is MSM in it, very satisfied with it, and very much like that it uses all glass.

by Dr. M.T Lomax ND on Vitamin D3 Liquid Drops
Great format of D3

Love this brand, we use their O/S at our clinic as it's such an impactful supplement. These D3 drops are a great addition, and agree with the addition of MSM as an effective permeability enhancer. Seems to be of excellent quality, also love that these are plant based, most D3 is synthesized from sheep's wool. Will be recommending to our clientele as a preferred source for D3 supplementation.

Early Product Release Beta Tester

by Yasmina Simatovich on Vitamin D3 Liquid Drops
Thank you!

Thank you for letting me to try these drops, I did blood work 3 days ago, and my numbers on the last time were actually showing to be low in Vitamin D, but not anymore, my results on this very last test show completely normal for vitamin D in just less than a few weeks of use! This is quite amazing to me and my doctor, so thank you.. I also feel more energy of late which is very helpful for me. So I very much like these drops and like your Sulfur, I will keep using them every day.

Early Product Release Beta Tester

by Becca Laferriere on Vitamin D3 Liquid Drops
Already Love It!

Happy to have a chance to review this product so thank you! It's an excellent product! Flavor is slight and pleasant when taken sublingually. I love that this product combines both D3 and MSM, I'm an RN, and I have my kids and my hubby now using this daily, we all actually much prefer it to the other oil based drops we were taking, that had kind of a fishy taste, and this is twice the size with more Vitamin D3 per drop! I already know this will help boost our immunity well going into winter and flu season.

Early Product Release Beta Tester

by Dan Kitapis on Vitamin D3 Liquid Drops
Good I think

It seems like a good product, I actually like drops, which I did not think I would, but easy to take, especially as I work at home. They asked me to try this product and provide an unbiased review, but with vitamin d, you dont really know if you feel anything right away, at least to my understanding. I guess if I dont get sick this winter I will know but may be too early to know. I do like the quality from this company, and that its plant based.

Early Product Release Beta Tester

by Denise Whaley on Vitamin D3 Liquid Drops
It's Great!

I was given the chance to be an early reviewer for this new Vitamin D3. I have used vitamin d3 for a few years, I have always found the liquid capsules to make my tummy feel a bit off, I think my body does not love the oils in those versions. This has a very nice orange flavor, no tummy issues. I really like that I can control how much I take, or have the ability to add it to my morning smoothies. I LOVE that is has MSM in it, which I know helps me absorb it better. It's a great form of Vitamin D, will keep using!

Early Product Release Beta Tester

by Vanessa Pham on Vitamin D3 Liquid Drops

I was given a sample by Happy Body to review it, and it's been about 6 days on the product and I can already see a difference. I was actually coming down with a cold (or something) when I first tried it, and I did not end up getting it, I have started nothing new but this vitamin D! I love the packaging and glass bottle and dropper, most companies today use cheap plastic. The taste is great, and I am a huge believer in MSM, so I was very happy to see them incorporate MSM into the mix! It's just a quality product, which is typically what you get from these guys. Big thumbs up guys!

Early Product Release Beta Tester

by Rosalie Fernandez on Vitamin D3 Liquid Drops
Another Excellent Product!

I use the Organic Sulfur crystals for the past 2 years, and love them, I also use the hot cream, which is excellent. I was asked to try the Vitamin D3 and provide a review.  This is another great product, love the taste, it's convenient for me. Love that it's in a glass bottle, and that it gives me a solid amount of vit d daily, especially with winter coming.

Early Product Release Beta Tester

by Marlo Collangello on Vitamin D3 Liquid Drops
my new fav D!

Love the taste! My other vitamin d softgels give me indigestion and acidy stomach almost every time. These are as gentle as water. I have been using Happy Body MSM for years, and it's still my favorite supplement, so Im really happy they're making vitamin D now, and adding you guessed it! MSM!! I really like the quality of the bottle and packaging. Have only used it for a week now, but my skin actually looks better! You can tell it's a quality product, so I know I will start using these as my preferred Vitamin D.

Early Product Release Beta Tester

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