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MSM Drops Reviews

MSM Drops Reviews

Product Rating: 4.67 / 5

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MSM Drops
Average rating:  
 128 reviews
by Marlin Zepeda on MSM Drops
seeing some difference

seeing difference in my hair thickness in past few weeks, and not so much yet on my skin but will definitely keep using

by T. Gladmore on MSM Drops
Amazing difference in eyes!

I purchased this 3 months ago as the recommendation of a lady at my office. I have had progressively worse vision due to floaters and chronic eye issues from far too much screen time. After 2 weeks of using consistently, (you have to be consistent and take it at least 2 times a day, and deal with a quick sting in the eyes), I started seeing much clearer and my eyes have been so much more comfortable, less dry. I hope you will have these back soon, it's a great product! I want to keep using for my eyes, and I also want to start applying to my conditioner to see if can help with my hair thinning issues.

Hi there, yes we are sorry for the inconvenience , we will let people know as soon as it's back in stock again!

by Jamin Stockard on MSM Drops
Need this back!

Actually really upset this is out of stock! I use it for a lot of different things, and I notice a real difference from not using it. When will it be back in stock??

Hi there,We are so sorry with the rampant demand seen over the past few months, and a shortage of medical based packaging and bottling we are out of stock till further notice. We will advise people by email when back in stock. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

by Donna Guzman on MSM Drops
Helps me big time!

Helping a lot for my eye floaters.  Using last few weeks as a homemade hair serum, and already seeing results to my hair softness and thickness, very little breakage now. Great product! A lot of uses!!

by Anonymous on MSM Drops
using for pain and my eyes

this stuff is doing double duty for me. pain and eyes. my sister has seen great results for her with this product. so trying and so far liking for pain, eyes too early to tell yet.

by Jan Cross on MSM Drops
MSM drops

I use the drops 2x daily in my eyes for dry eye and other eye instabilities. It has eliminated my dry eye and made a real difference in my quality of sight, and I mean big!

by Camille Yamane on MSM Drops
So many great uses!!!

Use for my smoothies and essential oils and for my chihuahua, and for a skin toner I made from scratch. There is a real difference. Love it!

by Hee Sook Lin on MSM Drops

Use for my self and my birds and enjoying the feeling it gives to me and to my pets.

by Bonnie Boleski on MSM Drops
A must for eyes

Don't know why they don't tell you anything about eye use?? But these are very good for floaters and dry eyes. My doctor raves about all the uses of MSM, so great to see it in a liquid form from a quality brand. Just know all, it has a good ole sting for the first few seconds.

by Dan Lephere on MSM Drops
Good overall

Add these to my after workout shakes, and feel a lot less sore in the morning. Hard to tell if helping with absorption but I had done a lot of research on MSM and it is well known for abortion support.

by Yorem Ilhan on MSM Drops
Skeptical but they work!

By nature I am an incredibly skeptical person but came across MSM as very effective for floaters, I came across Happy Body as a supposedly 'high quality' brand, and I really expected nothing and I have to say I was actually nervous cause there is nothing that states use for eyes on the siet or bottle but I found a video on YouTube and followed the instructions and after just 7 days my eyes are like new! Floaters are going away, vision has improved and now I'm looking at other uses for MSM and there are a ton! Give it a try for eyes its surprising how effective they are. Yes they sting too but I love clear vision so for me not a big deal

by L. Narian on MSM Drops
Surprising Sulfur!

I got these on recco from my ND for fatigue issues, and I'm very surprised by the energy boost I get from adding to my morning smoothies, like I'm not tired during the day anymore?! Am also using the for my eyes and am also amazed cause after 8 hours on a screen my eyes would burn, now I add these at noon and my eyes feel great!

by Taber MacLeod on MSM Drops
MSM is great!

I use the crystals for my arthritis and they work great, I got these for my 2 older dogs they're small so these are perfect and I have noticed a difference in their get up and go, and their coats look much better gotta love MSM!

by Karen Jimoh on MSM Drops
Boosting my oils

I was told to use these by my team for my essential oils and I do notice a difference to the impact of my oils, have not been sick this year so far and that was not the case before. Easy to use and they always ship fast!

by Mary Beth Mokry on MSM Drops
Sting but work

These sting my eyes a lot but they do work for floaters I must admit.

by DL. Ludwig on MSM Drops

Very good! many uses for these drops am very happy with this product.

by Tash Zeno on MSM Drops

Using these drops for detox, feeling much better overall in the last 2 months. Take 3 times a day with my ginger tea. Read about it MSM great for cleaning out the system of toxins. Will keep using. Company sends good info and tips as well, have told many about it.

by Brandi Corbett on MSM Drops

Using for eyes suggested by my cousin, they sting on contact but the results for my eyes are really worth the initial sting. I am also using to add to my conditioner, and my hair has never looked better! Pretty handy little product! 

by Monika Jaworska on MSM Drops
My beauty secret!

I make my own beauty products for skin and hair, and have actually started selling them to my friends over the past 6 months, I use these drops in all of them and they work great for skin and hair. My repeat business and referral business is growing fast, and a lot of it is thanks to these drops! Thank you!

by V Ventrone on MSM Drops

I like the crystals better for my needs they work best. 

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