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MSM, Turmeric Hot Cream
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 27 reviews
by Deb Driskill-Myers on MSM, Turmeric Hot Cream
Very Effective, & Natural

Works great after workouts. Completely reduces any soreness, boosts my recovery time and works fast on any pain - it penetrates deep which I love, it's very soothing. Also love the ingredients, all natural, no junk.
I've been recommending this cream to a lot of people, and they all seem to love it too. My best friend deals with Lyme, and she says it's one of the only products to help her pain. Another friend lost a lot of the feeling in her hands and fingers and she says it's helped restore feeling and reduce any numbness. It's a great cream!

by Tim Andresen on MSM, Turmeric Hot Cream
Wife likes it more than I do

Works fairly well but I find it works about the same as Pentrex, and while this is a better price than Penetrex, was hoping for more with all the hype. My wife though really loves it, helps her sleep in comfort.

by Petr Svoboda on MSM, Turmeric Hot Cream
Excellent Cream!

Very happy I decided to buy this, I have early onset arthritis and I also work out a lot. Its helped with the pains I get from my hips, to knees and the really bad pain I get in my shoulders. I apply it after workouts, and before bed, and it really does the trick, actually puts me to sleep and keeps me sleeping!

by Brett Dufresne on MSM, Turmeric Hot Cream
Good cream works quite well

Good cream, and yes it is HOT, and works really well on my muscles and neck aches, I tried this on my sciatica issues and while it helps some it does not give me the full relief for that specific issue, Im not surprised though as that is mainly a nerve issue. I will continue to use this cream, overall really good and soothing.

by M. Stupfel on MSM, Turmeric Hot Cream
Works and is cheaper too

I've used do'terra's deep blue pain cream for the past 4 years, and my good friend raves about this brand and suggested this cream, I was happy to try it as it's almost 1/2 the price of deep blue. The smell while minty is very soothing and goes away after it's rubbed in. I find that it works just as well if not better, and lasts a lot longer than deep blue did. I now depend on it for my constant back and sciatic pain, let's me work and live in comfort, it's a fantastic pain cream, and with deep blue costing almost 45 bucks for 2 oz's, this really is almost 1/2 price and my wallet loves that too.

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