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Happy Body Pure Organic Sulfur, Pure MSM For Dogs and Cats

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Organic Sulfur For Pets
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 96 reviews
by S. Chadwell on Organic Sulfur For Pets
Very satisfied customer (and dog)

Organic sulfur has done wonders for my dog, she's 13 and needed a lot of help, this one addition has changed everything for her. Company is simply fantastic with response, support and questions. Arrived in less then 2 days from ordering. Will most definitely continue to buy this and use this company.

by Terri & Mackie on Organic Sulfur For Pets
Better Then Meds

Really effective supplement for dogs with arthritis and hip dysplasia.  Recommended by my dog's vet, and much better option then the medications we were also asked to use.

by Tim Jerger on Organic Sulfur For Pets
Very helpful!

This is the same exact product I've been buying  from my vet, but here it's just half the price! Has worked wonders for my dog's movement and joint issues, so glad I found their site!

by Misha Telfring on Organic Sulfur For Pets
Good I guess?

It's good I guess. Seems to be helping her in general, but she's quite young still, so kinda hard to tell overall, am doing this at the suggestion of my good friend who swears by this stuff for all her pets.

by Dana Tajchman on Organic Sulfur For Pets
Actually notice a serious difference!

This product was recommended to my by 2 different people in the span of a week, so. I decided to try it, and even though it takes a but more effort then throwing a dogie daily vitamin to them, this stuff has been a huge difference maker for my Molly. Not once with the other more expensive brands I've tried have I seen this level of change in her movement and she just does not seem to be in pain anymore. I'm so glad I listened, as I can be a bit stubborn in my ways. Try it!

by Ella Jenks on Organic Sulfur For Pets
The only thing that has worked!!!!

This is the ONLY stuff that has actually helped my dog, and we've tried a lot of stuff, he was in such pain that our vet put him on daily meds which truly broke my heart because the meds made some of the pain go away but the side effects were just awful, and made his life worse in a lot of ways, plus the expense was crazy! MSM is the real deal, and this product is easily the best MSM on the market. I just roll a 1/3 tsp of the crystals in a slice of turkey cold cut, and it's done. He is walking and acting 5 years younger all in 2 weeks on this stuff, and NO side effects...

by Mr. Garlington on Organic Sulfur For Pets
Works well, dosing can be a bit tough

My dog does not like the taste of these crystals when I add them to his food, so I moved it to his water, and while I am seeing positive impacts in his pain and mobility, now that I give to him in his water dish, I simply do not understand how much I should be giving him daily for full impact?

Hi there,We have many customers like yourself that provide our crystals for their pets using a water dish. To insure proper dosing this way simply add your pet's total daily dose of crystals by weight (which is found on the back of the bag), to their water dish, with the assumption, that they are going through a full water dish daily. This will give them a steady supply of Sulfur through the day, which as you are seeing is very beneficial. If you need anything more we are here by phone, email and chat :)Happy Body Support

by Jose Alvarado on Organic Sulfur For Pets
Excellent for my dog

For my lab this is has been the best product we have used for her. She is getting on in years, and money is tight, so having her in comfort makes us very happy. This is much better then other pain vitamins we have tried for her, that cost a lot more. She does not love the taste but it works well, we just hide it in some peanut butter in her bowl, works for us and her. Thank you!

by S.Roscott on Organic Sulfur For Pets
My vet recommended and it WORKS!

My Lab mix started having bad pains in her hips starting when she was 9 yrs old. My vet suggested this before looking at meds, or worse. All I do is add some on a tsp to a little peanut butter, and with in a week she had stepped whimpering and her movement is so much better!! It works very well, I would suggest you give them 2x a day, as my vet said that MSM only stays in the system up to 12 hours. So glad he told us about this brand.

by J Harrenga on Organic Sulfur For Pets
Will Never Forget Again!

13 year old cane corso, and she is just a beautiful dog who has had now 2 torn acls. I have been using this for almost 2 years now, and it keeps my love happy and pain free. We went away to our cabin for 2 weeks in early March before all this madness, and of course my hubby forgot to bring this for her, and within days she was in pain again, so I ordered more and they shipped it to our cabin PO box and again with a day 1/2 she is back to pain free and happy. It's the best!

by M. Langhals on Organic Sulfur For Pets
Doing great!!

Very good for me and my dogs. All of us oldies (them and me) are doing excellent with pure MSM. Huge difference for us all and will continue to buy. Very cost effective!

by Connie Glickman on Organic Sulfur For Pets
My Dog Does Very Well With This!!

My dog has hip  dysplasia and is now 12, after 8 - 9 days using this 2x a day his is walking with what seems to be no/minimal pain, and it was BAD before. What a great find! Did research on MSM for a while know and did not know you could give to pets. It's been a miracle for us!

by Shelby W. on Organic Sulfur For Pets
Way better then chews!

I had been using Dasuquin for the past 8 months, and paying a much high price then this for my basset. It's not even close to comparable to this product, that poor dog has had terrible pain for last year, and this is the first product that has actually made a real difference. Just a bit is some peanut butter smeared on his bowl, and the change has been amazing. No limping, no wince moans. Thank you, thank you!

by Rob Zubic on Organic Sulfur For Pets
What a difference!

Just a few weeks my 11 year old goldendoodle is like new. She has extreme levels of arthritic issues in her hips and leg joints. The difference in just weeks is mind boggling! She will be on this for the rest of her days!

by Lisa Caravella on Organic Sulfur For Pets
This has really helped my dog and cats

Just a bit in my cats water dish and some rolled up in a treat for my 12 year old boxer. The results have been great for them all, more so my dog, but my cats are jumping with much less effort and pain. I have been amazed at the differences in all of them. My dog has seen the best results, and having them all pain free makes my heart so much happier. These ship fast and a great value thank you Happy Body!

by Lyne LaRocque on Organic Sulfur For Pets
It's ok.

2 old dogs and doing all I can to stop their pain. Tried this along with some other joint supplements. Not seeing a huge improvement. It's been a few weeks but from what I read this should have done more by now. 

Hi there!It can take up to 4 weeks to see significant changes and impacts. Please keep with it, the vast majority of our customers have wonderful results for pets dealing with pain and joint issues. Remember we offer a 90 day money back guarantee of satisfaction and we are here to help if you have any questions. Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone 1.800.610.9210 or email at [email protected], we will be happy to help you!

by John Martinelli on Organic Sulfur For Pets
Great Product!

My new vet recommended this for my 9 year old golden whose had issues with his hip since he was 7.  Its done wonders. My old vet was pushing surgery. This is so much better. He's moving freely no pain, and he has the energy he had when he was 5. His coat is also much healthier and softer. It's a great product. Just bought some of the human version for this old man's knees 🙂 

by Betine Floerchinger on Organic Sulfur For Pets
This stuff worked!

My little yorkie is 11 and could not even use her hind right leg anymore, my vet of course suggested pain meds to deal with her discomfort, but my good friend suggested MSM. He uses this brand for himself with great success, and told me about this pet version. Now it may be a little more effort then the pet chews, but the results are well worth it. In just a week my girl is walking with all 4's and you can tell she is in complete comfort. Thank you! 

by T. Angevine on Organic Sulfur For Pets
Saved my babe!

An arthritic dog is the saddest thing ever, and this stuff saved my baby. She is able to jump up again, run again and go for long walks again. All in just 2 weeks of starting this. I've tried a lot of different supplements for pets, and pure MSM is the only way to go for pets with joint issues.

by Kelly Sabbaro-Brown on Organic Sulfur For Pets
Don't Wait!!

My vet highly recommended this supplement and brand, and by giving this my girl Molly, I've seen her hip and joint issues quite literally fade away, it's been amazing!  It seriously broke my heart to see her struggle to walk and watch her back legs literally collapse from under her, am so happy we have been able to call off surgery (for now), all because of MSM. Don't be stupid like me, give your pets this when they are in pain, don't let them suffer too long like I did.

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