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MSM For Dogs and Pets 1 Pack

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Organic Sulfur For Pets
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 77 reviews
by Kelly Sabbaro-Brown on Organic Sulfur For Pets
Don't Wait!!

My vet highly recommended this supplement and brand, and by giving this my girl Molly, I've seen her hip and joint issues quite literally fade away, it's been amazing!  It seriously broke my heart to see her struggle to walk and watch her back legs literally collapse from under her, am so happy we have been able to call off surgery (for now), all because of MSM. Don't be stupid like me, give your pets this when they are in pain, don't let them suffer too long like I did.

by Rhonda Guggolz on Organic Sulfur For Pets
Great Product!!

I have a 11 yr old golden doodle that has had two knee surgeries so I'm basically poor now...  I have been using this product for almost 6 months now and it's done her better than 2 surgeries!!  She runs with a lot less stiffness, gets up from the floor way  easier. Her teeth and coat even look better. Great product. I think i should be taking it too. Lol

by Ed Jarowski on Organic Sulfur For Pets
The Only Supplement I Use

Trained dogs all my life. This is the only stuff I use for my dogs, its great for them young and old, especially as they age. Glad to see an additive free version that's low cost. fast ship, great company. thank you!

by Donna Kosty on Organic Sulfur For Pets
Good Overall

The first bag I ordered seemed to make a real difference in my Lab-mix, Tex... We're now on our fourth bag & I'm not seeing increased improvement, although he's not any worse, I would like to see continued progress.

by Stacie Sjolander on Organic Sulfur For Pets
Exactly what pets need!

I have an large old bulldog that has arthritis in his knees and hips and this really helps to keep the pain and swelling down. I also give it to my 18+ year old cat and she's still able to jump up on the table or couch. It really seems to help them with pain and energy!

by C. Dulic on Organic Sulfur For Pets
As advertised...

It works quickly and made a noticeable improvement. Love when products actually do what they say they will do.

by Dennis Spegele on Organic Sulfur For Pets
Dont know yet?

It's only been a few weeks, but they sent me an email to ask how it was going... I really don't know yet, my pup seems to be getting up a bit easier but still too early to tell.

Hi Mr. Speagle we totally understand 🙂 it can take up to 3 -4 weeks. Please let us know if you have any questions on use or need any help with the product, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone 1.800.610.9210 or email at [email protected], we will be happy to help you!

by Judy Eichelberger on Organic Sulfur For Pets
We're Sold!

On the recco of my vet, I now use this for all my 6 older dogs in our shelter. They are all between 14 to 19 years of age, and now have no elderly dogs in pain, or limping around in pain, and their coats look amazing!! We're sold on Happy Body. Im now using their human version, am already seeing results for my knees and hips. Love the fast shipping and the bulk packs saves us a lot of money versus meds.

by Janice Pearce-Smith on Organic Sulfur For Pets
Pure MSM is the way to go!!

Started my 9 year old Dane on this product, we have used MSM before but not the pure crystal version, there is a BIG difference with them I now believe it! He was in pretty bad shape, now just 2 weeks after starting this, he is chasing toys and running in the yard just like a young dog!  Other joint chews have not come close to this effectiveness wise. Would definitely recommend for the comfort and love of your dogs.

by M Jensen on Organic Sulfur For Pets
Make The Printing Bigger Please!

Overall seems to be a good product for my 2 dogs, but so hard for me to read the directions on the back and its kinda important! Make it bigger please!

Hi there. We are so sorry that you had a difficult time with directions. We have emailed them to you, and we do now automatically email them to all customers, as we know that it can be hard for some people to see the directions clearly. If you need anything more at all please do not hesitate to contact us by phone 1.800.610.9210 or email at [email protected]

by Richard Redekopp on Organic Sulfur For Pets
Works IMO

I think it's helping my older lab walk better. She was limping a lot and now she is running more, with more energy. Very good product. Can be tricky to dose right when you start, but well worth it IMO.

by Christy Pyciak on Organic Sulfur For Pets
Excellent for older cats

Has done wonders for my 11 year old cat! Highly recommended for anyone who has cats with arthritis.

by Ted DeLara on Organic Sulfur For Pets
Works great dog hates taste though

This product was recommended from my holistic vet. My dog has serious joint problems. His paws dragged even while we walked. So I got this for him and I’ve seen a large improvement. he's now able to stand with no issues and is even asking to play fetch again!  He does not love the flavor, so I put it in some lunch meat for him. Seems to do the trick and he is much better which makes me happy!!

by Markus Naslund on Organic Sulfur For Pets
A month in and big improvement!

My 8 year old lab mix has had a very hard time in the last few months getting up on his feet for his  walks, he was in pain you can just see it all over there lovely little faces, so  I started him on this stuff a month ago and there has been a marked improvement

by Terry Meikle on Organic Sulfur For Pets
MSM is magic for pets

Upon our vet's recommendation we put our 11 year old rescue pup on Happy Body  MSM due to his pain after walks in just in general. After just 1 week he stopped favoring his back right leg and is much more comfortable on  walks. As for taste I don't know how much he loves it but its magic for dogs.

by Nancy Rivette on Organic Sulfur For Pets
Pricey but good I guess

Good quality but a little pricey but I guess you get what you pay for

by Charlene Ulloa on Organic Sulfur For Pets
Do not run out!

I now swear by these crystals. I ran out once for about 3 wks and I could totally tell by the way my dog felt, pain, poor movement, just not good, after 2 days back on, totally different dog Its works!!!

by Adam Lehoux on Organic Sulfur For Pets
Happy Lab Happy Dad!

Our vet suggested this for our 10 yr old  lab. MSM is something that the vets used for years and he was so glad to tell us it. has made a huge difference and our old girl, she can lay down and get up the stairs much easier. It's so not expensive when you consider the pain medication she was on, which we've now stopped, and she is doin fab!

by Julie Pangborn on Organic Sulfur For Pets
My Bella is happy again!

I have a 10 yr old golden doodle that has had two knee surgeries. I have been using this product for almost a year. She runs with a lot less stiffness. And gets up from the floor easier. I also noticed that her teeth even look better. Great product. I think i should be taking it too. Lol

by Sascha Baby on Organic Sulfur For Pets
Praying this works

I’ve just started giving this to my GSD two days ago she’s a Lil over a year old now. We have had issues with ear infections, skin issues, uti’s, allergies, parasites due to eating her own poop and we have been back and forth to the vet. She’s costing me a small fortune. She’s been on medication/antibiotics since I got her. I’m praying this helps with the skin issues and allergies. I do not want to keep my dog on medication for the rest of her life!!! God gave us everything we need on this earth to fight ailments so I’m praying this does the trick. Btw she’s already been on limited ingredient dog food. She was on taste of the wild as a pup we just recently switched to the limited ingredient salmon and potato. If anyone has any other recommendations please feel free to let me know. I also only gave a three star until I know for sure it’s helping her. I will update soon. 🐾❤🐾

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