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Customer Reviews Organic Sulfur For Pets

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Happy Body Pure Organic Sulfur, Pure MSM For Dogs and Cats

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Organic Sulfur For Pets
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 111 reviews
by D. Theriault on Organic Sulfur For Pets
Getting great results from this!

Just 2 weeks in and already seeing big differences in my Mina's painful knees, and paws. She has been in a very playful state, tail wagging, and not biting at herself! Excellent supplement for dogs. I highly recommend it! I'm buying some more today for my mom's dogs who are 12 and 10 and going through similar issues, will be interesting to see if she has the same results

by Frank Lamare on Organic Sulfur For Pets

This is a great product for dogs, and yes my dog does NOT love the taste, but they have a great trick, where you just roll up the crystals in a cold cut or slice of cheese, I do that, or add it to a bit of yogurt I put on top of his food. Easy! The results for Teddy's legs and hips have been nothing short of amazing. 3 weeks and he is acting like a new dog. If you have a dog in pain, my suggestion is you seriously consider this product!

by Maria Achcar on Organic Sulfur For Pets
Works Great, Taste Bitter

Has absolutely worked wonders for my 12 year old lab. Only downside is she does not like the flavor so I roll up the crystals in a slice of ham, problem solved. You can actually see she has pain relief in her behavior, it's wonderful to see, and in just a few days after I started using! Was so happy I had to leave a review, and I NEVER leave reviews.


by D. Odell on Organic Sulfur For Pets
Seems to really help

My dog likes the vitamin chews more than these crystals but I honestly can honestly say I've seen a big difference in his mobility, I saw on YouTube that people give these crystals in cold cuts or cheese, i started to do that and works well that way. But for a little effort on my part, Obie seems to be doing very well on this stuff. Glad we tried.


by Dani Sonnenberg on Organic Sulfur For Pets
Has helped my baby!

My dog is only 7 but already suffers from knee and hip pain, my vet was using meloxicam when he is in pain but it's expensive and Buster throws up sometimes when he gets it. My good friend is a vet assistant in Chicago, and suggested I try this, and I'm so happy I did. In just 5 days of using, he is all go go go, and that tail is waging like crazy again. I will use it always! His coat also looks and feels so much softer, it's amazing!

by Janis Terwilliger on Organic Sulfur For Pets
A huge help!

My dog's going on 13 and has pretty bad arthritis issues in her hips and back legs and in the last few weeks of use this stuff seems to have given her new life! We had used other vitamins in the past that did not work as well, and we had her on that terrible meloxicam which was horrible for her system. Now I rarely am seeing any type of limping and she is playing  with our neighbors puppy like she's a 2 year old again, it makes my heart so happy, thank you!

by T.M. Lajeunesse on Organic Sulfur For Pets
Outstanding Results!

Outstanding results for my dog and he is walking without any pain, and seems to be feeling so much better. Great product!


by Todd Kreidler on Organic Sulfur For Pets
Good but my dog does not like taste

It's good quality and seems to work well, but my dog does not enjoy the taste in her food, so makes it a bit of challenge but results are there so I will keep using.


by Joe Ciavarini on Organic Sulfur For Pets
Works In Many Ways!

These crystals are the best, my 13 and15 year old dogs running around like 6 year olds. You can see the difference in how that play, and act so much better then medications, and other supplements we have tried for their joints. The fur around one of my dogs paws has completely healed, and they are not licking and biting at themselves.  It solves many issues, excellent product!


by Kiernan Balik on Organic Sulfur For Pets
Gave My Dog His Life Back

I rescued a 6 year old boxer, and he came with a lot of pain and mobility issues, which is sad at such a young age. We tried meds but he did not want to eat them or he had really bad reactions. My vet suggested MSM as an alternative, I settled on this brand, as it's just pure MSM, and I had to figure out the best way to give it to him, which he seems not to mind in his water dish, and after 3 weeks of daily use, I've seen a real change in him, his energy, mobility and his desire to play more. Its even helped with his constant licking of his paws, which are now healing up nice. Great product!


by Tim Haytac on Organic Sulfur For Pets
Works much better and much cheaper!

My baby Maya stated having hip and knee issues last year, I started using Dasequin, and while it does work ok, the price is nutty. I use Happy Body crystals for me so I thought why not try for Maya. Glad I did, just add them to her water and at lunch I give her some rolled up in a slice of ham. Been 2 months and the results are far superior to Dasequin, and my wallet is happier too! The human version works great for us, so it makes a lot of sense that it does the same for dogs!

by Seema Ventura on Organic Sulfur For Pets
Saved my dog from misery

I have a 11 year old beagle that has been dealing with severe arthritis for last 3 years, we were looking at surgery for her right knee, then my naturopath actually suggested this product when I was in for an appt a few months ago, and I'm so happy I listened, within just a few days we saw a change in her pain levels and just her perkiness. It's like she's a new dog. Over the past 4 weeks she is actually running again! My vet is actually cant believe it, he is know holding off on surgery for her! Amazing product for any pet in pain. This is my second bag and will defiantly continue to use it for her.

by Ian Leeds on Organic Sulfur For Pets

This has been very good for my labs pain issues, which is why I purchased on the advise of my vet, before turning to medications. But this has also helped a lot with his fatigue, which was a surprising and welcome benefit. Just know that my pup did not like on his food or water, so I had to roll up in a cold cut as was suggested. It take a bit of commitment, but overall very good!

by T Sandusky on Organic Sulfur For Pets
God's own

Excellent for my 2 cane's both approaching 8 and 9, dealing with hip dysplasia - early stages - and pain, and one with bad skin allergies. 2 weeks on this and started to completely right the ship. Nothing like god's own medicine for his animals. Will continue to use!

by S. Chadwell on Organic Sulfur For Pets
Very satisfied customer (and dog)

Organic sulfur has done wonders for my dog, she's 13 and needed a lot of help, this one addition has changed everything for her. Company is simply fantastic with response, support and questions. Arrived in less then 2 days from ordering. Will most definitely continue to buy this and use this company.

by Terri & Mackie on Organic Sulfur For Pets
Better Then Meds

Really effective supplement for dogs with arthritis and hip dysplasia.  Recommended by my dog's vet, and much better option then the medications we were also asked to use.

by Tim Jerger on Organic Sulfur For Pets
Very helpful!

This is the same exact product I've been buying  from my vet, but here it's just half the price! Has worked wonders for my dog's movement and joint issues, so glad I found their site!

by Misha Telfring on Organic Sulfur For Pets
Good I guess?

It's good I guess. Seems to be helping her in general, but she's quite young still, so kinda hard to tell overall, am doing this at the suggestion of my good friend who swears by this stuff for all her pets.

by Dana Tajchman on Organic Sulfur For Pets
Actually notice a serious difference!

This product was recommended to my by 2 different people in the span of a week, so. I decided to try it, and even though it takes a but more effort then throwing a dogie daily vitamin to them, this stuff has been a huge difference maker for my Molly. Not once with the other more expensive brands I've tried have I seen this level of change in her movement and she just does not seem to be in pain anymore. I'm so glad I listened, as I can be a bit stubborn in my ways. Try it!

by Ella Jenks on Organic Sulfur For Pets
The only thing that has worked!!!!

This is the ONLY stuff that has actually helped my dog, and we've tried a lot of stuff, he was in such pain that our vet put him on daily meds which truly broke my heart because the meds made some of the pain go away but the side effects were just awful, and made his life worse in a lot of ways, plus the expense was crazy! MSM is the real deal, and this product is easily the best MSM on the market. I just roll a 1/3 tsp of the crystals in a slice of turkey cold cut, and it's done. He is walking and acting 5 years younger all in 2 weeks on this stuff, and NO side effects...

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