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What is Organic Sulfur?

Organic Sulfur is a fully bio-active, dietary form of the mineral Sulfur.

It is NOT the yellow (smelly) form of Sulfur that most people think of.

Yellow sulfur is not Organic, and is not absorbed by the body.

Organic Sulfur, on the other hand is naturally occurring in plants.


Organic Sulfur is also fully absorbed & is vital to body function & wellness.


Organic Sulfur is also known scientifically as “MSM” (Methyl Sulfonal Methane).

About Organic Sulfur

Organic Sulfur is also NOT the same as “Sulfa” or a “Sulfite”.


Organic Sulfur is vital to life is found in every cell in your body.

Why Is Organic Sulfur So Critical To Good Health?

Sulfur is quite simply one of the most important minerals in your body.

Sulfur should also be one of the most abundant minerals in the body.

✔️ Sulfur makes up a large portion of your joints, cartilage, muscles, skin & bones.

✔️ Sulfur is critically important for pain & inflammation management, detoxification, digestion, immunity & even appearance.

✔️ Sulfur is also a vital part of over 140 critical compounds including: amino acids, proteins, hormones, enzymes, & antioxidants.

Organic Sulfur Must Be Continually Replenished.

The body uses up its store of Organic Sulfur daily, so it must be continually replenished for optimal health, digestion, appearance, & pain-free living.

Being Low in Dietary Sulfur.

A lack of dietary Sulfur can become much more pronounced after age 40.

This is because after 40, the body requires a lot more Sulfur to be able to repair, regenerate & support:

  • Muscle, Joints & Cartilage.
  • Cells,  Amino Acids, Proteins, Hormones, Enzymes, & Antioxidants.
  • Digestion & Detoxification.
  • Oxygen & Energy Transfer.

How Do We Get Dietary Organic Sulfur?

We access Organic Sulfur from the food we eat, which ultimately comes from our soil.

But there is a significant challenge that has become far worse over the past 60 years called Soil-Mineral Depletion (SMD).

SMD occurs when the soil used to grow our crops has been significantly depleted of its minerals and nutrients due to intensive farming methods.

As a result, SMD can make it very challenging for many people to be able to get enough Organic Sulfur.

Studies show that the sheer volume of food we grow, plus the extensive use of chemical fertilizers & pesticides may have left much of our commercial soil depleted of it’s sulfur and nutrient content versus in the past.

Source: The Food & Agricultural Organization of The United Nations. Study found here.

Sulfur deficiency is real. ‘A large segment of the population appears to be sulfur deficient’. Dr. Marcel E Nimni.

(Source: Nimni ME, Han B, Cordoba F. Are we getting enough sulfur in our diet? Nutrition & Metabolism. 2007;4:24. doi:10.1186/1743-7075-4-24. Source Here.

The Signs of Being Low in Sulfur.

As a result of Soil-Mineral depletion challenges, many people over 50 may be very low in dietary Sulfur.

This can create a variety of issues & negative outcomes including:

 Constant Pain & Inflammation. Daily Bouts of Fatigue. High Levels of Toxins & Heavy Metals in the Body, Cells & Organs. Digestive Issues. Acidic Stomach, & Leaky Gut. Thinning Hair & Weak, Brittle Nails. Poor Complexion, Wrinkles, Acne, Dry, Rough, & Red Skin.

It’s Easy To be Skeptical.

We fully understand that people can be skeptical that a lack of Sulfur could be behind the above signs.

Yet consider Organic Sulfur’s impact – when taken as a dietary supplement.

78% of our customers rate Organic Sulfur a full 5 stars for its abilities with common issues like pain, fatigue, detoxification & even appearance issues.

From verified customers reviews Happy Body Organic Sulfur. Number of respondents and reviews shown is from time of publishing, and can change over time.

Organic Sulfur Uses & Benefits:

Image result for check iconBody & Joint Pain.

Organic Sulfur is well known for its abilities to help improve most types of body pain.

Organic Sulfur works to improve regeneration & repair of worn, painful joints & muscles.

Organic Sulfur / MSM and Joint Pain

The connective tissues that support & maintain your joints & muscles are primarily made from Sulfur.

As such, Organic Sulfur can provide significant impact for painful joints, & general body discomfort.


Tens of thousands of people are now turning to Organic Sulfur/MSM as a highly viable, compliment – or alternative – to potentially harsher medications.

Source: Efficacy of methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) in osteoarthritis pain. US National Library of Medicine. National Institutes of Health. Southwest College Research Institute, Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and Health Sciences, Tempe, AZ. Kim LS1, Axelrod LJ, Howard P, Buratovich N, Waters RF.

Image result for check icon Inflammation.

Organic Sulfur can also have significant effects on inflammation in joints, limbs, muscles, & in the digestive tract.

Organic Sulfur provides effective inflammation support by helping the body reduce swelling at a cellular level.

When millions of cells reduce inflammatory agents, cells can then experience a steep reduction in cellular swelling.


Organic Sulfur helps reduce cellular swelling helping alleviate painful & damaging inflammation throughout the body & digestive tracts.


Organic Sulfur can also be used for many types of inflammatory skin problems.

Source: The Influence of Methylsulfonylmethane on Inflammation. US National Library of Medicine. National Institutes of Health. J Sports Med (Hindawi Publ Corp). 2016; 2016: 7498359. Mariè van der Merwe and Richard J. Bloomer.

Image result for check iconFull Body Detoxification.

We are constantly exposed to toxins & heavy-metals through absorption from products, packaging, and from our environment.

In fact, over 150 harmful toxins & heavy metals can be typically found in the bloodstream of the average American.

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Fourth Report on Human Exposure to Environmental Chemicals, Updated Tables, (March 2018). Atlanta, GA: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Source Here.

The Main Sources of Toxins.

The Impact of Toxins on The Body.

Many people are not aware, OR may be skeptical about the destructive role of toxins & heavy metals in the body.

However, toxins & heavy metals are scientifically proven & linked to serious disease, as well as issues like:

❌ Consistent fatigue & brain fog.

❌ Stubborn weight gain & hormonal imbalances.

❌ Constipation.

❌ Muscle aches & pains.

❌ Skin reactions & thinning hair.

How Organic Sulfur Helps With Detoxification.

Organic Sulfur provides effective support in removing dangerous toxins & heavy-metals at a cellular level.

First. Organic Sulfur aids cellular function, specifically helping cells remove toxins.

Sulfur then helps the body escort toxins to the kidneys for filtration & removal.

Second. Sulfur is also a very effective binding agent in the body.

 Sulfur has the ability to bind with many dangerous heavy metals, helping to make them more inert (harmless).

Sulfur Can Bind To Many Dangerous Heavy Metals:

Organic Sulfur Binds To Many Dangerous Heavy Metals

As a result, many may notice changes in how the body feels after starting to use Organic Sulfur daily.


This is because the body tends to function much better with less toxins & less heavy-metal load.

Source: Efficacy of methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) in osteoarthritis pain. US National Library of Medicine. National Institutes of Health. Southwest College Research Institute, Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and Health Sciences, Tempe, AZ. Kim LS1, Axelrod LJ, Howard P, Buratovich N, Waters RF.

Image result for check iconDigestive Issues.

Organic Sulfur can also aid the body in improving the digestive tract’s muscosal lining.

This helps the body significantly increase optimal digestion of food & medicines that flow through the digestive tracts.

MSM and Digestion IssuesOrganic Sulfur can also help improve & optimize the body’s production of vital digestive enzymes.

Digestive enzymes greatly aid in digestion & absorption of nutrients.

Many critical digestive enzymes like CysteineMethionine are Sulfur-dependent enzymes.

A stronger digestive lining & increased enzyme production can help provide serious impacts on common digestive issues, bowel issues, high stomach acidity, and leaky gut.

Source:  Wong T, Bloomer RJ, Benjamin RL, Buddington RK. Small Intestinal Absorption of Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) and Accumulation of the Sulfur Moiety in Selected Tissues of Mice. Nutrients. 2018;10(1):19. doi:10.3390/nu10010019. 

Image result for check iconFatigue & Poor Energy.

Organic Sulfur helps the body improve oxygen flow to cells by increasing cell membrane function.

Increased oxygen flow helps ignite better Mitochondria activity.

Mitochondira are the “power generators” responsible for metabolism & creating energy in the body.

This is why Organic Sulfur can provide such significant impacts on chronic fatigue.

Source: The anti-inflammatory effects of methylsulfonylmethane on lipopolysaccharide-induced inflammatory responses. Center for Efficacy Assessment and Development of Functional Foods and Drugs, Hallym.

Image result for check icon Hair Skin & Nails.

Hair thickness, hair softness, nail growth & nail strength depend on the protein Keratin.

Skin’s elasticity, complexion, & overall health depend on the protein Collagen.

Both the Keratin and Collagen proteins are fully Sulfur-dependent proteins.

When low in Sulfur, people can suffer loss of/thinning hair, poor nail growth, rapid aging of skin, & complexion issues.

MSM and Hair Low Keratin Impacts Low Collagen Impacts

Increased Organic Sulfur intake helps the body improve & increase Keratin & Collagen production.


Increased production of Keratin & Collagen provides significant impact on hair, skin & nail health.

Organic Sulfur Helps Improve Keratin Production

msm organic sulfur keratin

Organic Sulfur Helps Improve Collagen Production

This is also why Organic Sulfur is also known as the “beauty mineral”.

Source: Butawan, M., Benjamin, R. L., & Bloomer, R. J. (2017). Methylsulfonylmethane: Applications and Safety of a Novel Dietary Supplement. Nutrients9(3), 290. http://doi.org/10.3390/nu903029.

Image result for check iconSupercharges Absorption of Vitamins & Nutrients.

Organic Sulfur has a unique action on cellular function that increases vitamin & nutrient absorption.

Organic Sulfur opens cellular membranes for increased nutrient uptake.

Adding Organic Sulfur to your daily supplement regime can help vastly increase vitamin utilization & optimization.

Specifically, Organic Sulfur helps increase absorption of vitamin A, B (all forms), C, D, E & K.


For many people this also means getting much better value & use out of your other vitamin supplements.

Source: Y. Jiao, J. H. Park, Y. M. Kim, I. H. Kim; Effects of dietary methyl sulfonyl methane (MSM) supplementation on growth performance, nutrient digestibility, meat quality, excreta microbiota, excreta gas emission, and blood profiles in broilers, Poultry Science, Volume 96, Issue 7, 1 July 2017, Pages 2168–2175, https://doi.org/10.3382/ps/pew480

If You Want Real Benefits Only Use Organic Sulfur.

Organic Sulfur is FAR superior then regular MSM Capsules.

Organic Sulfur Vs. Store-Bought Regular MSM.

 Regular MSM capsules & powders offer a fraction of usable Sulfur.

Image result for check icon Organic Sulfur crystals provide 500% – 2000% More Pure Sulfur per serving. Regular MSM capsules & powders have many additives, & fillers.

Image result for check icon Organic Sulfur Crystals are certified Pure & 100% Additive-free. Regular MSM capsules & powders have poor absorption rates.

Image result for check icon Organic Sulfur crystals provide the highest absorption rates of any MSM / Sulfur supplement on the market.

MSM Quality By Type:

Organic Sulfur is Also The Best Value.

Not Found In Stores.

Due to the specialty, quality and purity of Organic Sulfur, it’s simply not found in main stream or health food stores.

Why Happy Body is Your Best Source.

Image result for check icon Happy Body only provides pure, additive-free Organic Sulfur (MSM) Crystals.

Image result for check icon Every batch is verified by a 3rd Party FDA Accredited Lab: Certified Laboratories in Los Angeles CA.

Image result for check icon We don’t use any Plastic/BPA packaging.

Image result for check icon We are truly specialized in MSM / Organic Sulfur. It’s all we do.

Image result for check icon We also provide the best customer service and best information resources for our customers.

How To Use Organic Sulfur.

True Organic Sulfur only comes in a crystal form, and is very easy to use.

To use: Simply add 1/4 – 1 tsp. of Organic Sulfur crystals to a small glass of water & drink.

Also Easy To Use For Pets.

Organic Sulfur also provides the same great benefits for dogs, cats and horses.

See Our Organic Sulfur MSM For Pets Here.

Its easy to give to them and very safe for animal use too.

Very Safe For Daily Use.

Organic Sulfur has an excellent safety track record for people and pets.

Organic Sulfur/MSM has also been used for decades as a mainstream dietary supplement.

Don’t Be Skeptical. Try Organic Sulfur For Yourself.

Give Your Body What It Needs To Thrive As It Ages.

Organic Sulfur For:

✔️ Serious Body Pain & Joint Conditions.

✔️ Inflammation Management.

✔️ Fatigue, & General Feelings of Poor Wellness.

✔️ Digestive Issues and / or  Leaky Gut.

✔️ Appearance Challenges With Hair, Skin, and/or Nails.

See & Feel A Difference In Just Weeks.

The typical new Organic Sulfur customer can see and feel differences in just 2 – 4 weeks of use.

As with all supplements, timing of course can vary from person to person, but 2 – 4 weeks is the typical scenario for most Happy Body Customers.

Our Customers Really Believe In It.

We have thousands of verified reviews, and an average of 78% of our customers that rate Organic Sulfur give it a full 5 stars.

Why?? Because Organic Sulfur is That Impactful.

From verified customers reviews Happy Body Organic Sulfur. Number of respondents and reviews shown is from time of publishing, and can change over time. 

We Really Believe In It.

We believe in our Organic Sulfur so much that we also offer a simple guarantee on Our Organic Sulfur.

Anyone who tries our Organic Sulfur gets our No time limit return policy & full money back guarantee.

If you don’t like it for ANY REASON. Make 1 call or 1 email (the number and email on the back of every bag we sell), and its done. Simple.

Organic Sulfur Reviews.

*The following reviews and feedback are from verified customer purchases and users of Happy Body Organic Sulfur. Rating breakdown shown is from time of publishing, and can change over time. Reviews and feedback are consumer’s personal experiences. These are for informational purposes only and should not be used as medical information or as a basis for self-diagnoses. Results will vary.

Average rating:  
 374 reviews
by Maddie Hughmanick on Organic Sulfur Crystals
Happy Skeptic!

I read this and thought it was insane... A missing mineral??.. come on!! Did a bunch of research after because I have to admit Sulfur did peak my interest, after reading more I realized how incredibly important Sulfur is to the body, so I bought it, even then skeptically... 22 days in now and counting, I'm thrilled with the impacts!! Much less pain, moving around like I was 20 years younger, energy galore, and for the first time in 40+ years I don't need to wear foundation!! Within 2 weeks my skin looked amazing! No more blotches, no blemishes, amazing! Sold on this product.. Sold!

by Christine Cole on Organic Sulfur Crystals

Been using product just one week. Once daily. WOW!I Suffer from DDD, stenosis of spine, many painful debilitating conditions. I can almost not believe it.. That constant, painful, achy feeling is so much better! GOD BLESS YOU!

by Wendy Edelson on Organic Sulfur Crystals
Best MSM Ever!!!

I have been taking this twice a day for about 3 weeks, so much better than regular MSM capsules!

I put it in a tablespoon of homemade Greek yogurt and it's really easy, I totally don't notice any bitterness.

My skin, hair and nails look fabulous, I have tons of energy and the hip/knee pain I've had is really lessening.

I can't wait til it is gone completely.

Hooray for Happy Body, thank you!

by Barbara Higgins on Organic Sulfur Crystals
Serious Energy!

I have been taking organic sulfur about one month and I really like the results. I have much more energy than my niece and nephew . They just cannot keep up with me and ask me what miracle supplement I am taking 🙂 I have recommended it to several of my friends.

by Diane Northouse on Organic Sulfur Crystals
Very Satisfied!

I started getting results after just a few days. I had hip, knee, and neck problems ...I love to play tennis and thought I wouldn't be able to play anymore! This is great stuff and I will continue to stay on it. Thank you so much as I feel so much better! I even have more energy because pain is gone. I can't be more satisfied!

by Jerome Chamblee on Organic Sulfur Crystals
Happy review

I felt results in just 4 days

by Carole Fann on Organic Sulfur Crystals
Amazing stuff!

Love the benefits I’m seeing already and it’s only been a couple of weeks! I’m excited about the long term benefits!

by Odarka Waskiw on Organic Sulfur Crystals
Life changing!

I started taking Organic sulfur six months ago because I could not bend my knees and it has changed my life. I had knee and shoulder pain and it is completely gone. I’m 51 years old and do cross fit. I’m amazed at how my hair and nails grow so fast now. I also noticed an increase in my energy level. My skin looks amazing too, have also increased the water that I’m also taking.
Thank you

Very good stuff

I bought a bunch of this a long time ago and used it for a while but then forgot about it because life got busy. I moved to Kentucky and my body began to hurt like I aged 20 years. Severe pain! But I remembered I had this in the cabinet. I could not remember what it was for. I faintly remembered something about removing heavy metal toxins out. To my amazement the pain in my body nearly disappeared within an hour!!! The pain came back hours later. So I took more and it went away again. So I looked up this website to see if that was one of the things it helped and it was (not surprisingly) and I now got to tell my sister who is also always in bad pain. Buy this. It is great!

by Cathy Vollmer on Organic Sulfur Crystals
Thank you!

I am finally able to walk again after being on this wonderful product for the last month and a half!

I had terrible hip/sciatica pain to where I could barely walk and had to literally pull myself upstairs at my home. After being on this product I am now walking pain free and have been upping my goals on my Fitbit as I am now meeting them almost daily and stairs are no longer a problem for me.

I will never go without this product with these results! Thank you for giving me my life back!!

by Olivia Ladue on Organic Sulfur Crystals
From 10 to 2

After 3 weeks on this my pain levels are down from a 10 to 2!

Thrilled so far with results. Feeling more energy too.

Just shoveled my driveway for the first time in 4 years! Giving me my freedom back.

by Anne Stanley on Organic Sulfur Crystals
Using for RA

I started taking the organic sulfur about 20 days ago.  I have rheumatoid arthritis and am in my mid 70's. I saw the ad on Facebook and read many reviews from people suffering with different types of arthritis and other issues so I thought I would try it although I was very skeptical it would help.

The first thing I noticed within the first few days is that the pins and needles pain I had on my right shin bone all the time had gone away. By the first 15 days I also noticed the knee pain and feet pain seemed to have lessened.

My feet don't hurt as much either. I'm very hopeful as I have more time taking the organic sulfur I will continue to feel better.

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Q: What is Organic Sulfur?

A: Organic Sulfur is food grade dietary supplement. High quality, therapeutic Sulfur is 99.9% pure MSM, and in crystal form for so your body can absorb it best.

Q: How long to experience impacts?

A: Typically most feel and experience impacts of Organic Sulfur within 2 – 4 weeks of use.

Q: Why is Organic Sulfur important for inflammation management?

A: Organic Sulfur is a fully natural compound that provides unique action on the body’s cellular membranes, and as a result can help the body with:

  • Neck and Back Discomfort and Inflammation.
  • Shoulder and Knee  Discomfort and Inflammation.
  • Finger and Foot  Discomfort and Inflammation.
  • Elbow and Joint  Discomfort and Inflammation.
  • General Body  Discomfort and Inflammation.

Q What else is Organic Sulfur known to be good for?

A: Organic Sulfur can also be used to help the body with:

  • Increased Mobility and range of motion.
  • Blood circulation, supporting liver function.
  • Increasing energy, stamina, focus and ability to concentrate.
  • Thickening hair follicles, and reduce hair thinning.
  • More flexible and softer, helps to reduce wrinkles and scar tissue.
  • Reducing allergies and headaches / migraines.
  • Helping to convert carbs into energy.
  • Promoting normalized insulin function, Sulfur is key for proper insulin production.
  • Improving nutrient absorption, helps controls stomach acidity, eases constipation and reduces parasites in your system.

Q: How long does it take to start working?

A: Typical impacts can be experienced in 3 – 5 weeks of use, but timing can vary by person. Q: Is it really easy to take? A: Yes. It’s very simple, you take a teaspoon of the crystals and add it to a small glass of water or juice (filtered water is prefered). Drink it back and your done! You do that 2 x a day, in the morning, and once at early evening.

Q: How long does a 1 Pound Pouch last?

A: The 1 LBS bag is enough for 45 – 60 days supply using 2 doses a day. If you want to do this with a partner, friend or loved one, we are also offering a 2 pack version. Just click here for our 2 pack.

Q: Who is Happy Body Store?

A: We are a small, specialized online retailer that focuses on natural ways to heal our bodies from external toxins and nutrient deficiencies. We are committed to quality, results and 5-star customer service. Our products are made in an FDA registered facility. Each batch is tested for purity. 99% is the minimum we accept. We also test against heavy metals and contaminants for ultimate quality and purity. We offer a 100% customer satisfaction, no time limit guarantee because we believe in our product so much. If you are ready to try something new and natural, and you want the best, you found it. We want people to try it at a low-cost + fast, free shipping, and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Q: Is it safe?

A: Very. Organic Sulfur / MSM is a proven FOOD GRADE dietary supplement that has been used for decades. It is GMO Free, and Gluten Free.  We suggest starting with 1 level teaspoon in the morning and once in the evening. This will provide a truly therapeutic dose of Organic Sulfur to your body.  Note: Taking extremely large doses, (3+ Tablespoons or more) of Organic Sulfur can cause stomach upset and diarrhea. As well Sulfur can have slight blood thinning properties, so its best to take a few hours before or after meds. If you are pregnant or are unsure based on pre-existing conditions and medications, always speak with your Doctor before trying any new supplement.

Q: Can I give it to my pets?

A: Yes! Organic Sulfur can provide the same impacts for pets. For dogs especially, with joint / skin / coat issues it is an effective dietary supplement.

Q: Are you easy to reach and give good customer service?

A: Our email is [email protected] or call us at 1.800.610.9210 if you have questions. We are at our customer service desks Monday to Friday between 9:30am – 4:30pm EST. We pride ourselves on excellent customer support.

Q:  What about shipping and returns?

A: We ship very fast. Our warehouse is in Los Angeles, and we ship 5 days a week using USPS, Fed Ex and UPS. It takes about 3 -4 business days to get your product, and depending on where you are, it’s typically faster. Refunds are easy. Just call or email us, we will then initiate your refund process which takes about 7 – 12 business days to show up on your statement or PayPal account. Simple!

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